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Sex at 13..what do you think?

I had sex at 13, the guy was 16 who went to a month-long summer thing with me. I did not do it because I thought it would feel good, or because I liked him. I had no intention of telling ANYONE. I just did it. I don't know why.

I told my best friend who started to cry. I wish I could just forget about it entirely. I was not drunk, or high. I don't believe in statutory rape, since the whole thing was consensual- even if a bit pressured.

I've found myself trying to push the blame around-from coming down on myself to hating him, I just don't know how to deal with it. I started to scratch my wrist, I think because I wanted to feel in control. Recently I've felt like guys only want one thing. But when I concentrate too hard on it, I feel shallow and as if I should be giving my attention to other things. What's going on?

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    I hope this would make you feel better but its the past. the past is the past. its over and it will never come back again. i can garantee that. You're lucky you are okay and all. other people either get pregnant or even do it and worster things happen to them when they are younger. You've done it and its already over. Dont think about it anymore even when its hard, trust me, you'll get over it and dont scratch your wrist! dont even think about cutting, thats even more dumber than having sex at a young age. Its okay, it happens to everyone. Like i said, you're lucky you're okay.

    And you're just feeling regretful. Thats the magical work of regret. i have regrets too and i hate it, but i cant get rid of it. but when i always think about it, i always think, its over, its done, it cant happen again. And since you've experieced whats going on, Next time, think about it. Think about how you are going to feel afterwards and etc.

    okay? cheerup =)

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    Okay, so you had a sexual relationship - now put it out of your mind and don't do sex for a few more years, 13 is far too young for it. If that guy pressured you, it's statutory rape dear.

    Don't have sex with a guy because he likes you. Think about sex with a guy only if you like him. And certainly don't have sex with a guy just to feel important or anything like that. In fact, you might be better off simply not seeing blokes for a while.

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    Well 13, 14, 15 are very average ages to be having sex... but if you feel like the guys around you only want one thing, you are probably right.

    At that age, most guys are NOT looking for a serious, emotional, devoted relationship... Take this time of your life to enjoy other things, pursue hobbies, get into sports.

    I was single most of high school with some familiar relations here and there, but overall i turned out fine.

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    its not statutory because he's not over 18.

    you shouldn't have had sex in the first place, dear. you're too young to understand the emotional baggage that comes with it, which is probably why you're feeling all these weird things.

    the best thing to do is to just move on :)

    its okay love, you made a mistake. everyone does. just realize that with sex should come with commitment and dedication. it should be something special to share with someone you deeply care about.

    this time was a practice run, eh? hahaha

    next time you'll be ready and 100% shure that the person you want to do it with is someone that you know and trust.

    :) best of luck, darling<3

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    Most people will tell you that losing their virginity at a young age would be a mistake...

    But what's done is done

    I think you're just feeling that guys want you to put out, it's a side effect of sleeping at such a young age.

    I suggest you just try to push it out of your mind and continue trying to look for a guy who treats you right(assuming you're no longer with your bf)

    And if you are, talk to him about it, tell him how you feel.

    The past doesn't always dictate who you are in the future.

  • hun , thats not good! if the police find out the 16 year old could go to jail for a long time. Its agaist the law to have sex under the age of 16 or to have sex with someone under the age of 16.

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    sex before 18 is always a bad idea and sometimes even a bad idea after that

    you see what it does to you if you cant handle it?

    Dont do it again. wait until you finish college and in a stable relationship...with someone who shows that he expects you to be in his future and someone who can support a child if an accident happens

    at 13 neither of you can do that.

    I speak because I didn't have sex until I was 18. now I'm 21...I've been with a few guys and It was always empty. now i've been celebant (no sex) for almost a year and I feel perfectly fine....I feel even better knowing that I can fufill by dreams without even the possiblilty of a glitch (pregnancy, std, emotional distress)

    In keeping to myself like that, I have attracted numerous of guys who want me for who I am...who loves the fact that I can be happy without being shacked up. they feel like i feel...I cant make someone happy if I'm not happy with myself. I want and want to be someone who can enhance a partnership...not struggle

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    Alrite...Sex at an early age doesn't affect your life unless someone makes you think so....Sex at an early age is perfectly normal, plus the body asks for it...I was 12 when i did it.. don't feel bad, it's not a bad thing, its a human condition for satisfaction, pleasure, a normal and an everyday part of human life..1= Protect urself, and 2= just find the right people to do it with protection...Life is short and u gotta live it up...don't worry,...Do it for as long as you want, however, whenever, whichever many times you want, just be safe.

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    Regret most likely. Don't put yourself as down as you are but put in mind that things sometimes happen. Keep in mind you decided to do it and in life people do many mistakes we will regret one day and is just another reason on how it makes ourselfs a better person when it comes to decision making on things like that. Next time just think it out and on how its going to benefit you and only you.

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    I did the same thing! I'm 14 now. it was just a spring break thing though. then we really didn't talk much longer after that. we had sex three times, and it did feel good, but NOTHING like i thought it would.

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