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i need a lot of costume ideas!!!?

First off, we are all 11. And we need appropriate costumes. me and my friends are thinking of going together. if not then me and my bff. and if she can't go, just ideas for me.

1. 2 boys and 6 girls, not all of us will be going i think, but i still need ideas.

2. some for 2 girls. and

3. ones for just me.

THEY ALL MUST BE VERY CREATIVE!!! not crayons or woopy cushions. funny, creative ones. i can't think of a lot! lol! please help!!

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    Hi dear

    Ok !!! some funny costumes for u.


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    the scooby doo gang and the hex girls:

    the 2 boys can be fred and shaggy

    2 of the girls can be velma and daphne

    3 of the girls can be the hex girls

    one of them can be the witches ghost

    mario and luigi for the 2 guys (or you can do girl interpretations)

    2 girls can be princes peach and princess daisy.

    if there were only seven of you you could be the seven deadly sins.

    be the different characters from guitar hero (lars, midori, grim ripper...etc)

    be barbies and kens (dress really plasticy and fake and act like a doll)

    you could all be from different eras (20s, 50s, 80s...etc)

    you could be zombies

    you could be the characters from grease

    danny, kennicky, sandy, frenchy, rizzo, marty or even cha-cha

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    go as different video game characters! the 2 boys could be mario and luigi or something. the girls could be all the girl characters from the same series. mario, pokemon, street fighter, etc. there are so many to choose from, it wouldn't be that hard to just pick something.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    im gonna be a bananna :]

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