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How crazy is this...?!?

At a high school some girl took birth control pills and got in trouble for taking a controlled substance! She was recomended for expulsion and was suspended for 10 days. Her mom gave her the pills by the way.

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    Very crazy.

    What probably happened is she was talking to a friend about it, that her mom took her in for it, and that she should talk to her own mom about it. And a teacher was around and took it to the office and reported her. Instead of talking to HER about it, which caused more problems than it was worth. I'd find out who the teach wass, and prank them.



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    Haha, I totally just saw that on the Colbert report, did you see that too?

    I thought it was ridiculous!!! Not a drug in the terms of "Harmful substances", and plus, how did the school find out? So crazy.

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