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What does this dream mean ?

So ever since a couple of weeks ago i've had the same dream up until now. What it actually happens is that i wake up in my dream and go past in the hallway and look into my parent's bedroom and i would see a little girl standing there next to the bed against the wall. When i do try to get rid of her i just cant do anything like being paralised and she goes away eventually. Then the next night i have the exact same dream about the little girl in my mums bedroom then this time i try to strangle her to get rid of her so i cant see her anymore but then eventually she just dissappears and starsbreaking doors and making loud noises. so every single night i dream about the same thing and its starting to freak me out.. any ideas. Thanks


just to clarify i am a boy so the little girl couldn't be me..

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    The mind is a powerful thing.

    Try this. The next time you go to bed say outloud to yourself that you will not dream about the little girl anymore and that she can take care of herself and you don't need to be bothered by her anymore.

    Say that every night until the dreams stop.

    Most people say it one night and the dreams stop

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    Sounds like you astral project, your spirit comes out and goes looking for her, perhaps the spirit girl comes over to you, and then runs into your parents room because she senses what your spirit is going to do. Perhaps she is seeking help, but you don't like it, because you don't understand it. Most people think it's a dream at first, you are having out of body experiences, and you are more liable to see spirits when this happens. She is the cause of your out of body experiences.

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    she might have died there and is asking you for help since you are the only one in the house at the time that she can contact. so when you try to strangle her she feels helpless and angry that you wont help she reaches you in your dreams and you need to try and help her.

  • Well, maybe your house is haunted or something. The ghost could be taking you over, but don't bring paranormal people in until you're sure.

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    that little girl could be you. just a thought

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