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How do I let my girlfriend know I want more? (ladies)?

Things with my girlfriend are amazing, we've been together for several months, and I love her more than anything. I was her first kiss, first one she told I love you, and she's the first one I've said that to. We have never done anything more than kissing and be feeling her a little, but I love her and want to do something, JUST for her pleasure. I don't even want sex. I'm not one of those guys who thinks with his dick either, I'm always a gentleman and am a romantic guy. But, I feel it's something I want to do. How do I go about telling or her I want to, or what do I do? She will be returning from vacation in a week, and I would like to do it fairly soon after she gets back. However, I am hesitant about doing this as I love her, and do not want to screw this up at all.


I am only 16, btw

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    wait till ur me i might be young but ive sceen a lot in my short 15 years and if you love her youll wait.

    cuz what happens after you do the little sucky sucky it leads to the sex which you dont want to do cuz **** cn accidently happen n she could get prego.n thats never good unless ur ready to be parents.

    ive sceen that happen to my sister n my cuzzin n it ruined their lives so i recomend waiting.

    but its your life and you have the ultilmate decision.

    another thing i havent done anythin but kiss too but if i would make that mistake of doing somethin like that she would give signs she wants it.and if theres no signs then she dont want it.and if you havent talked about it at all then she def dont want it.

    but good luck with whatever decesion you decide to do.

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    As a woman, I would suggest you take her out to a good restaurant for dinner or lunch, offer her a bunch of her favourite flowers and announce to her at dessert that you would love to go away with her for a weekend and spend quality time together. Tell her the time spent away from her while she was on vacation made you realise how much you love and miss her. Take her away to some place where you will be on your own together, a place romantic,.... Then things will just work out by themselves. Nature will take its course. Just be yourself and sincere.

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    Wow. Your a real catch. Shes very lucky to have a guy so thoughtful of her needs, and not his own. Take her out somewhere, just the two of you. Make it private, comfortable, and romantic. Tell her that you love her, and that you would want something more out of your sexual relationship, but only if she's ready. Do NOT push her, but I have a feeling you wouldn't do that anyway. If she says she isn't ready, don't keep bringing it up. Usually these kinds of things just happen spontaneously. So if she says no, just let things happen when they do. If she says yes, then yay!

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    if you cant talk to her about things like that maybe you still need more time. if not, if you feel ready(which idk how the heck you'd know that XD ) umm i would, err personally, just ask her if she wants to. i think girls would liek that cuz its considerate and respectful, yet it shows your wishes. she already likes you, so she prlly wont think ur a pig for saying so. the kama sutra is a great book to read about sex. its really not about just sex positions if you get the right version. its about what role sex can play in life, when you should start, and other things that should come before sex(virtue and prosperity[a jov]). it would also say that you shouldn't be doing it when you are in school(cuz really, who can study when they're horny...). i think ur off to a great start since you think you love her and you care about what SHE wants. what you wanna take away from this is her position on the whole thing and how you can respect that fully and not give her crap about it!

    Source(s): dood im bored...a.d.d. (reading kama sutra) p.s. do you even know is she has a vibrator?? sorry but geez
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    You sound like a guy who really cares about her, and you seem like an amazing guy any girl would love to have, and I'm sure she knows that.

    What to do:

    start out just kissing like you normally do, tell her you love her, and make her feel special. If your talking about oral i'd suggest slowly working your way down, look at her facial expression to make sure she's ok with it. Once your down there your on your own! LOL!

    No seriously I wish you the best luck, your like the perfect guy

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    Obviously sex is something you want to do. But if you we really thinking of pleasuring her you would back the **** off. You can bring it up and ASK her what she's ok with... no one ever got dumped over asking something.. but if you know she's not ok with it then don't ******* push it. She will do whatever she's ready to do eventually and if you're committed you will wait without pressuring her either. Just jack off in the meantime or something

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    Well it will happen.

    If she doesn't wanna have sex then don't demand it.

    Just find someone who will fulfil your desires.

    I'm not quite sure how old u are, but be safe! and research stuff before you make desicions.

    It takes alot to be a good lover. expeiance is always good. I don't understand why some people do not wanna give it up to the person they love.

    Sex brings you closer to the person.


    Goodluck. and always treat your gf like a princess (:

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    what you say is so cute.. and sweet.. you're going to have to show your girl that you love her maybe even Write her a little love note so she can keep it with her. okay so you want more than kissing but only as far as she wants to.. HINT!! =] sorry not shouting at you... take her out to a romantic place and then bring her home and make her feel "welcomed" then she should surely be doing what she wants.. and you get what you want for her to be happy..

    ( welcomed = kissing, massaging { her shoulders}anything she likes, feed her fruits)

    hope this helps...

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    okay well u dont want to sleep with her but u want 2 stick ur finger up her vage??? okay then.. well u can try this but when u kiss her next make it long but not to much tong and grab her and pull her tight to ur body and tel her u love her then as ur kissing run ur hand down her back and grab her butt a little and then pull ur hands up and breath and look at her then.. slowly with eye conact keep her in ur arms but have one of ur hand go down her body tell ur hands on her thigh and then grab it and rap her leg around ur waist . then grab her other one fast and put it n ur waist then 2 suporrt her hold her by her *** and kiss her again.. but now slowly walk over to ur/her bed and put her down but keep ur lips locker and just take of ur shirt and ur pants if u were boxer brefs and take her shirt off and maybe pants.. if she will let u and just lie there ith ur body together but thats it.. u can try to fingure her but not right away.. hey if she will let u take off her bra an feel her boobs alot and stuff and yeah.. just dont do anything more if she pulls way.. say sorry i got carried away and thats it

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    one your kissing and "feeling" bring it up. shes more likely to be open minded when shes in the mood. my boyfriend isnt shy, but is around girls. he just hesitantly tries something, and if i dont stop him its a green light. but hes also talked to me about things like this, and ive always kept an open mind. so tell your chick its for her pleasure, and that you really want to make her happy.

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