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When is a good time to hire a personal trainer if you want to lose 150 lbs.?

I want to lose 150 lbs and for that I want to hire a personal trainer. I'm working on the nutrition part with a nutritionist but I don't know when would be a good time to hire a personal trainer. Should it be done right away or should I just do cardio and hire one down the road. Any expert opinions? thanks

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    If you're gonna hire one, hire one right away.

    Personal trainers can work with you whether you're trying to get started working out, or you've been working out a while.

    We'd prefer to take you from the beginning though. We know how to keep you from getting stuck. The exercises people do at home get very repetitive and the results get less and less over time. We change up your exercises constantly. Challenging you just as hard every day. This way you don't get stuck.

    Source(s): I'm a Personal Trainer.
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