i'm not great with word problems. can you lend a hand?

can you lend a hand with this word problem?

it goes, "a square animal pen and a pen shaped like an equilateral triangle have equal perimeters. Find the length of the sides of each pen if the sides of the triangular pen are fifteen less than twice a side of the square pen."

also, thxs for answering...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    3x = 4y

    x = 2y -15

    x is the length of the triangular sides and y is the length of the squares sides.

    plug the second equation into the first

    3 (2y-15) = 4y

    6y-45 =4y

    2y = 45

    y = 22.5 inches or cm or whatever

    plug y into the first equation

    3x = 4 (22.5)

    3x = 90


    length of the triangle sides are each 30, length of the square sides are each 22.5

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