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Where is Amy Lee now?

I love Amy Lee she is probably the only female singer today who doesn't fill up the tabloids or have porn pictures of her scatter on the web. She is hot and conservative in her dress by that I mean she knows you don't have to dress like a slut to look good. And her voice is AMAZING. Am I wrong Evanescence broke up right?

Does anyone know what Amy Lee is doing these days?

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  • Amber
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    Evanescence did not break up. They are on "hiatus". Just recently, however, Amy released a statement saying that new music (aaah joy) would be out in 2010.

    At the moment, Amy Lee is living in New York City with her husband Josh and their cats. =)

  • Anonymous
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    Amy Lee is married and she will propably thinking of having a family soon!

    I dont really know what shes doing at the moment but i hope she will get back with Evanescence with a new album or something.I think shes great too.Evanescence broke up?I bet it wasnt Amys fault all this other guys are session musicians and they work for other bands as well but Amy wants musicians who will be focused in EVANESCENCE and ONLY in Evanescence thats why she changes her band members so often.

  • Amy Lee and Evanescence are making a new album for 2010

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