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Bringing alcohol on the plane?

So im under 21, and im going to Las Vegas soon. I'm going with friends and we want to bring alcohol. if i put the alcohol in my bag, and check it, will everything be okay?

and please dont say how its bad to drink when your not 21.

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    It's not a problem if you check alcohol as it's not expressly prohibited. (Check TSA regulations here:

    However, I would be concerned that the bottles might break in my luggage as bags can sustain some damage in transit. Wrap it well with lots of padding (I liked to roll fragile items in piles of clothes) and hopefully it will survive the flight.

    Have fun in Las Vegas!

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    The only restriction is no High proof alcohol.. so you can't pack 151 or some other higher proof.

    Back it in bubble wrap. Put it is plastic bags and cushion it with your clothing in your checked luggage.

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    Yeah it will be fine.

    Airport personal couldnt care less about underage drinking, its not their job to worry about that. Furthurmore, they really have no way of knowing how old you are if you check the bag anyway. which you will have to do because you can bring large liquids through security.

    These guys are worried about real crimes, not meaningless ones.

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    I have had minors bring me wine and it was never a problem. Like everyone said, pack it carefully with bubble wrap and then in a sealed bag.

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    Depends on how much you are taking and what state borders you cross.

    But yes, you can check it. If you are really worried, gift wrap the bottles and add a tag that says "happy 60th birthday Uncle Ernie".

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    yes you will be fine as long as its sealed and in your checked baggage. if they ask why you have alcohol just say its a gift from your dad to your uncle for a birthday or anniversary.

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    You dont get to take it on board with you. They keep it for you and you pick it up as you arent allowed that much liquid on a flight.

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    Sorry so many young people need alcohol to have can put it in your checked baggage.......if you get caught your busted.....your choice........

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