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am i having a miscarriage?

i had all the signs of pregnancy but i never found out.

i sstarted gettin cramps like a period, then hours later i started to spot for like 24 hours the cramps got so bad i was hunchd over crying. now im bleeding heavy but having regular like cramps. the only thing taking the cramps away is vicadin, and i usually never have cramps and if i do its the first day but i take miodol and im okay. could i be miscarrying? im only 16. IM SCARED. my mom and aunt told me it could be just a bad period.

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    I had a similar experience. I was 16 and i thought i was pregnant. then i got really really bad cramps and had a really heavy period. i was freaked out and thought i was miscarrying because i had never really gotten cramps before. but every time since then i get excruciating cramps every single month. i guess my body just changed as a got older. Talk to your OBGYN cause either way you are going to want to see her. Cramps Suck. if you get them bad every month she may be able to help you.

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    That is how my second miscarriage sounded like. I had some spotting..but mine was a couple days long. But then one nigh..BAM! Super bad cramps and I was hunched over in the most pain I have ever had in my life crying on my kitchen floor. Then really heavy bleeding then some clotting. If you are miscarrying there will be clotting. And the heavy bleeding should stop soon.

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    could be. I don't get cramps either but I did have a miscarriage very early in my confirmed pregnancy. I had bad bad cramps the first day of the miscarriage.

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    no one here could possibly tell you,you need to go to the doctors now if you think you could be having a miscarriage,miscarriages can happen in all different types of ways with mine i never even bled or cramped i went for an ultrasound and was told me baby had died. if the baby doesnt come out properly you'll need a d&c.it is very important to go to the doctors you could get an infection or bled out.

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    I'm confused if u think it's just a period then ur not pregnant so u can't have a miscarriage...

  • ummm yea sweetheart i think you're just having bad cramps...ive had cramps sooooooo bad where i swore i had to go to the hospital bcus they were soooo painfull

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    i would ck with a doc asap. better safe than sorry.

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    how are we supposed to know? you didn't mention that you are pregnant?

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