Should I let him know that I know?

It's a long story, but I'll keep it short as possible.

I dated this guy, Lewis, for about two years.

He treated me so terribly for about a year. He'd break up with me constantly, call me names, never spend time with me.

He even cheated on me, emotionally but still. I forgave him, then he ended up ACTUALLY leaving me for another girl. This was about 6 months ago.

Well, he decided to text me three nights ago. He didn't say he missed me or loved me, he pretty much just said that he still cared about me & always would. I wasn't being very nice to him but, do you blame me?

Anyway, he ended up sending a text to me saying something like, "it is what it is. what happened happened. i already said sorry. i have my own place now & if you wanna talk then i'm here."

I wrote back this longgg text telling him how much he broke my heart & that I hope he'd feel pain as bad as he made me feel pain someday.

He never wrote back.

I just found out tonight that he's STILL with the girl he left me with! I figured they'd broken up which was why I got a text from him but NOT EVEN. They're STILL TOGETHER.


One part of me wants to text him, tell him that he's a snake & to NEVER talk to me again. Then to just ignore ANY texts after that.

Another part of me says don't even waste your time.

My mom & a good friend don't think I should bother saying anything to him.

What do I do?

Please help me.


i read over what i wrote, i wrote it so sloppily. sorry about that, i'm just stressed.

he lived with me & my parents when he cheated on me.

also, it makes me so angry that he just decided to throw in the "i have my own place now" because two years ago i dropped out of college for him because he wanted to move out & never even moved out with me.

i'm just so upset.

i'll stop ranting.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your Mom and your friend are right, Don't waste your time with this rubbish.

    Go on a trip, to forget everything.and start a new life without him.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As bad as you want to, don't lower yourself to his level. He'll end up eating his heart out. You go, gurl!

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