What's the best way to get rid of acne naturally, and avoid it?

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    whats with Brent always answering orangello?

    you need a good diet. that means no or less junk food. you cant consume food that contain lots of sugar, oil, fat.

    drink lots of water. it works, trust me. and it makes your skin look so good!

    eat healthier,

    and wash then tone then moisturize (if nessecary) your face daily. some people say you dont really need to tone, you can just use cold water. and you can use moisturizer if your face is dry . if it isnt then dont. makes it oily and clogged. and if you do need one, use one that contains atleas spf 15

    makeup can also cause acne. it clogges pores. just eat healthy foods and take vitamins A, E, C . they are good for your skin. makes it look naturally beautiful

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    clean your face thouroughly. good natural treatments are tea tree oil dilute it with a small amount of water) or witch hazel, either in a gel or distilled witch hazel which is liquid. there should also be lots of natural or organix skincare ranges in a health store near you, you could try them. remember to use a simple moisturiser, like cetaphil, that doesn't contain too many ingredients.

    also, eliminate all junk food and only drink water and eat healthily. lots of fibre, fruit and veg. acne on the forehead can be a sign of poor digestion. also exercise is important for healthy skin, so exercise for 40-60 minutes everyday. do something you enjoy and that makes you sweat, then immediatly wipe off sweat with a face wipe or baby wipe when you're finished.

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    tea tree oil works

    but it can irritate the skin

    it smells horrible too,

    to avoid acne? change your pillow case every 2 weeks

    drink alot of water

    avoid junk foods (this is said to be a myth, but hey, it cant do any harm right?)

    try to eat more vegetables or fruits

    and DO NOT ever squeeze your face (i.e. blackheads, whiteheads, pimples)

    leave that to the professionals

    get a facial every 2-6 monthes

    ^^ that is a huge one, that helps my skin the most

    get a "teen facial" if avaliable


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    use homemade face masks and other acne treatments and use them regularly to prevent new acne from starting

    heres a website for how to make home made acne masks: http://ezinearticles.com/?Top-5-Homemade-Acne-Mask...

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    When your in the bath or shower, scrub your face with soap. Also wash your face every Morning and night.

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    when i get acne i like to put bacon fat around the effected areas then urinate on myself like an r kelley video

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