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Can I open a checking and savings account at a Credit Union in a state where I do not live?

I Currently live on the west coast but am thinking of moving back to the east coast. Am I able to open accounts at a credit union in Connecticut if I do not live there?

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  • Andrea
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    Credit unions usually have some sort of rules to be eligible for membership. You'd have to look into the rules for the area you plan to live in to see what their requirements are.

  • Anonymous
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    Actually, if you still owe money to a bank that shows up in chexsystems, it will not matter how long it has been. It will still cause you problems. I had a bank that honored an illegal debit on my account, for which there was not sufficient money in the account at the time. They eventually cancelled the debit but still charged my overdraft. I refused to pay it telling them I wasn't going to pay for not having enough money in the account to honor a draft I did not authorize. Seven years later, it still kept me from opening an account at a bank, even though they can no longer legally collect it. Try Regions Bank. I have several accounts there now. They may be able to help, they may not. You may have to go and settle up with the old bank to get your account opened. Be sure to explain to the bank personnel what happened. That sometimes helps as well.

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