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What is prison really like?

Please, from people who actually have been.

I've just herd people saying it's really bad, people getting stabbed, like your guaranteed to get raped there, ect. Is it as bad as people say, or is it just lies from the public to scare us from committing crimes?

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    A cousin of mine was in prison for 5 years, so I can only go by what he experienced. There's a lot of violence, and right from the get-go you have to get established with whatever group. These are usually formed by race/nationality. Winning a fight will get you in good standing, and if you have a large group of friends it's likely you'll avoid rape. If you appear weak at all, it's almost guaranteed that you'll be raped on a regular basis. Regardless of friends, if it's discovered that you're a child molester, you can't avoid rape. Many times there's also a lot of corruption involving the guards and who's watching what when.

    It's VERY different in women's prisons. There's still violence and a gang mentality, though not as intense, but sexual assault is on a much, much, MUCH lower level. Testosterone is a trouble maker in the men's prisons.

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    I dont know first hand, but second hand experiences tell me it is a bad palce to be. Gangs force you to join or they kill you, and they make you do horrible things as initiation, like killing people for no reason at all. If you step a foot out of line in a gang, they just kill you.

    Apparently rape is common, especially for people who are new to prison and are really good people who have gone down the wrong path. It is pretty much a case of kill or be killed. Its animalistic.

    You cant go to the movies when you feel like it, you cant go and grab a snack from the shops, you cant cuddle with your girlfriend on the couch. theres a lot you just cant do, and if you are in there for doing something especially bad, you cant talk to anyone, go outside, do anything much except stare at a wall for hours on end. You dont have any control over how your life goes, you may be injected with sedatives if you are violent, you may be fed things you dont like and if you dont like it, tough.

    If someone doesnt like you, they will let you know.. sometimes you get a near death beating, sometimes they will threaten you and make you do things you dont want to.

    When you get out, you are unlikely to ever have a chance at a real job, or fitting in with the community. Depending on what you do to get sent there, you may lose all respect of people who knew you before you went there. People may stay away from you from fear of being hurt by you, or they may feel ashamed to know you.

    and no sex or alcohol or parties or anything like that. It would be quite boring when not horrible.

    it really would be horrible. Dont ever do anything to get sent there if you can avoid it.

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    You get raped a lot. My bestfriend got raped a ton! Do not take the candy bar sitting on your bed when you walk into your cell.

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    One of my cousins went to jail for a while for getting caught with drugs, was there about 2 years.

    He said it was good, they feed you there's television, library, and you don't have to worry about paying bills. I guess it depends where you go though.

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    Watch lock up, it's pretty good. If it's anything like jail, it's pretty boring.

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    Depends where you are and what you did.

    If you raped children and killed them, you WILL be shanked in prison.

    If you smoke weed and got caught, you'll just be chillin'

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    its a happy place. i called it pleasure land

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