Does anyone think the Ny Jets will make the playoffs in 09-10 season?

I personally think they might not but i'm a jets fan so i'm hoping they will i atleast think they will have a winning season, what do you guys thinik?

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    I think they have a big chance on making wild card because NE is going to take your division. New weapons on defense with a brilliant defensive mind at head coach. Good running game, solid line, OK receivers. Who ever starts at QB has to be solid and they have a good chance at the play offs.

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    Im gonna do better than answer that question im gonna break down the entire AFC East

    Patriots Take home First Place again...Even though Barady is Coming off a season ending injury he is still Tom Brady and i believe he will have a good season with a 30 TD minimum.for this team the offense isnt the problem. if they have a problem its on defense in their secondary with players getting up there in terms of age. the line is set with Vince Wilfork Eating up blockers in the middle. and the line backers lead by second year middle linebacker Jerrard Mayo should be a strength.

    In second Place i have the Dolphins. the defending shamps dont have what it takes offensively to repeat but i cant see the Quarterbackless Jets ursurping them for second place. the offense looks to be efficient if not flashy except in moments where the wildcat comes into play which could be more interesting with West Virginia Product Pat White Taking the Snaps. The deffense looks to be no better than last year but no worse.

    I have the jets taking third place in the division because of one thing and one thing only. ok two things they cant support Rookie QB Mark Sanchez with the WR's Matt Ryan had last year or the punishing Run game the ravens utilized in helping Joe Flacco. The Jets lack both those things and the defense looks to improve with new additions ILB Bart Scott and SS Jim leonard and New head coach Rex Ryan. Despite this the jets defense wont immediately improve to top 5 level just like that.

    In fourth place in th AFC East i Have the Bills. The addition of TO really does nothing to help Developing QB Trent Edwards who had a capable #1 Guy in Lee Evans. That and RB Marshawn Lynch's suspension put this team in a dificult situations.

    Source(s): no i dont think the Jets will go to the playoffs.
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    The Jets missed the playoffs by 1 game last year.

    Mark Sanchez should become a great QB,

    so, if the Jets take care of their boy, and no injuries

    occur the Jets should make the playoffs.


    The Bills- Trent Edwards and T.O

    Patriots- Brady,and Moss and the newbee

    Dolphins- Surprise,surprise


    No, the Jets won't make it. Unless the Patriots drop the ball.

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    You never know with rookies. Sanchez if he plays can be 30x better than brady (even though thats almost impossible) but you never know - its football. Nobody knew Brady was going to be this good and look at him..

    he can lead the team to the playoffs but he needs help too from the line and wr positions not to mention the rb and defense

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    1 decade ago

    no. They lost Laveraneus Coles and didn't replace him. They lost Brett Favre and it's going to be a work in progress with Mark Sanchez as the season progresses. Their offense has lost it's spunk and the defense is mediocre. 6-10 season.

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    They have a chance and a new coach.

    Really have to wait to week 8 to see who is going to be in the race to the end, however. %

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    probly if nothing happens to any of the better players on the team early on in the season

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    i highly doubt it, they had a good chance last year with favre, and brady out of the division. but... i just dont see it happening sowry :3

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    Possible? Yes. Probable? No.

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    1 decade ago

    theres always a chance

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