Who do you think was the perpetrator for killing Ninoy?

Was it Ferdinand or Imelda? Please feel free to voice out your opinions thnkx.


So.., Mrs Aquino became the pres. why didn't they went after the "true" killer(s) then? How come the case is still a mystery up to this day? Bakit maraming nakulong na sundalo...nde nmn yata kasama yung malaking isda dun.

Update 2:

@ delive_rance....bata pa ako nung mgyri 2. hindi namn kasi reliable lahat ng mga nakasulat sa libro. Thats why i posted this question here.

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    How old are you anyway? That you actually do not know who are the people behind the assassination of Benigno Aquino jr. I do not think Ferdie have a hand on it. He even approved the release of Ninoy to live in Boston in 1980 for Ninoy bypass operation on his heart. If Ferdie wanted him dead he could already ordered his death 1977 pa inside the jail in Nueva Ecija. Ferdie doesn't want Ninoy to die like a martyr or comparing him to Rizal for that matter. The plan is to let Ninoy stayed for sometime in Boston, Massachusett until Ferdie makes some consession with the opposition to let Imelda take his place. Ferdie knows he is sick and dying in a matter of years. So who else would benefit if Ninoy is killed? You got two choices right? Ferdie and Imelda. So let us take the other devil.

    IMELDA. She is still around isn't she? Out of 900 cases of fraud and ill-gotten wealth 35 cases na lang daw ang hindi pa nalulutas. Imagine lahat nalusutan ni Imelda except these 35 cases. She claims she doesn't have money anymore which is impossible. So I returned back to my conclusion, who will benefit in the event Ninoy dies? No more opposition/no more expose of the Marcoses corruption on media and on print etc....none other than the golden lady. But of course you got no proof of these. Besides, there are generals who are still loyal to Ferdie then who will die just for him. Puro mga Ilokano I suppose. She is just one of them, but since the police/NBI/military are in the cluster of Ferdie then sinong magsasalita pa against APO?

    There is another theory, both Apo and Imelda do not know the plot until it was hatch on that day. There are generals who thinks that killing Ninoy will benefit the Marcos regime and those who think that by killing Ninoy it will be a domino effect on the cling of Marcos to the throne. Because there are generals who hate Marcos and those who are still loyal to him. So it is a battle between two evil forces inside one close room.

    How could Cory Aquino go after the true killer when the true killer is still in Malacanang palace? Would you walk inside the place and point your finger to that person and say HOY IKAW ang may kasalanan....and they will let you go out? Are you nuts? Marcos holds everything that you see during those times. Kaya nga APO LAKAY eh. It is actually not a mystery anymore people knew who the killer then and until now but we simply do not hold enough evidence or there is no material state witness to stand in court for the death of Ninoy. Everybody has been paid to disappeared or have been killed one way or another to make things easier for the Marcoses to make people forget the death so easily but in the end it didn't work out right.

    Ang mga sundalong sinasabi mong nakulong ay iyon mga escort ni Ninoy na sumundo sa kanya when he is with the Cathay pacific plane to go down the airport. Ang nakakainis pa eh itong mga sumundong mga sundalo HINDI KILALA SI NINOY AQUINO when they board the plane pinagtatanong pa nila sa ibang pasahero kung sino si Ninoy sa kanila yet nilagpasan pa nila ito when they go through each passengers. Isn't this stupid or what? You are assigned to get Ninoy in a plane yet you people do not know him even in a picture man lang? Obvious na pinagmamadali si Ninoy nun para umalis ng plane, wala nga gesture na goodbye or whatever from the escort in leaving the plane all they do is shove Ninoy to the stairs parang BILIS BILIS ang theme of the day for what? Why the rush? What is hurry? Knowing this escort KNEW THAT THEY WILL OBVIOUSLY DO SOMETHING WITH NINOY hindi pa ba obvious iyon? No media is allowed to accompanied Ninoy in going down the stairs why again is the question. In a few minutes 3 volley of fires and the video of two people lying in the pool of blood one of them is Ninoy and of course another figure they say is the gun man ROLANDO GALMAN. When the NBI examined the body of Galman they couldn't identify him yet his name is embroidered inside his brief with the the name Rolando Galman. The brief was shown to the public as evidence na NPA daw sabi ng mga pulis. Nakaburda na iyon pangalan ni Galman yet hindi pa daw nila kilala ang bumaril kay Ninoy. Actually tayong mga Filipino is one of the worst SCRIPT WRITERS I have seen. Hindi tayo marunong gumawa ng story or kwento. Look at our telenobela walang kwenta nahihiligan pa nga natin ang mga Chinese at Korean story bakit dahil magaling silang mag storyteller tayo is one of the poorest in Asia. No wonder our films never made it to any country except those who are independent film makers. Ito na lang assassination ni Ninoy, why would you kill a person who just arrived in the Philippines after 3 years absence? Hindi ba puedeng patayin nila si Ninoy after 2 or 3 days later by using sniper rifle siguro like those who killed Martin Luther King in the US. But why an escort tapos napatay pa rin. NI WALANG GALOS ANG ALIN MANG ESCORT NI NINOY nun so sinong hindi maiinis gumawa ng kwento tayo anoh?

    Kung nun nga hi

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    It was the same people who assasinated John F. Kennedy. The CIA of the United States. The US is notorious for putting puppet leaders in different countries around the world. Remember Marcos was only a puppet for the US and did everything they wanted. As soon as the US didn't need him anymore they got another puppet to do more of their wishes.

    Marcos would not have killed Ninoy simply because he would be hailed as a hero. Thus creating outrage among the masses. Ninoy even knew about this and was quoted as saying that Marcos would not try to assasinate him because the Philippines would view him as a Martin Luther King of the Philippines. And as a national hero.

    Look at Iran and the revolution that was happening a month ago. They had an election and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was re-elected president when all the votes were accounted for....He was elected president however, before the elections were over and votes were counted, the opposition leader claimed a false victory.....Now they want a revolution in Iran.....HMMM...SOUND FAMILIAR....(of course Iran's opposition leader is formerly linked to the CIA)

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    For sure Imelda was part of the plotters.

    Fabian Ver, Danding, and other bigwigs that were felt threatened by Ninoy's attempt to come back to the country to face off with Marcos. Which of kinda prove the proverbial adage "absolute power corrupts absolutely", since these people have all the powers in their time and here comes a powerless man in his impossible, Don Quixotic dream of injecting some concience to a dictator and they panicked and decided to kill him which ultimately led to their downfall.

    What were they thinking? Didnt they realize Ninoy's death will become a catalyst that will stir up the hidden anger amongst Filipinos to their excesses? I guess what goes to their mind is that Ninoy will be just another statistic to their list of hundreds of "complainers" and "bad society people" that they can get rid off without anybody noticing. Big mistake.

    And now they are out of power...But have not paid yet for their crimes. Justice is slow in Philippines, and to rich thieves like Imelda who have armies of lawyers...justice have its "price". But I dont think Imelda will continue to be lucky forever.

    PS: To answer your question why the killers of Ninoy were still free: they are powerful people,, and Cory already has too many in her plates as the President of a revolutionary government threatened from right and left by people who have selfish and evil motives.

    Cory does not have goons, private armies, or even wilingness to resort to dirty tactics to match the ruthlessness of those who killed Ninoy and thousands of other nameless Filipinos, some of them have disappeared and still not found until today.

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    there were actually three masterminds of the crime and the Aquinos already knew who it was but Cory refuses to accept the fact.

    Imelda Marcos - remember the story that Ferdinand Marcos threw an ashtray to her face after he learned the order of the killing of his cousin Ninoy Aquino

    One was an Ayala dude (forgot his name he had a different political view than his cousin Jaime. He is the one who became paraplegic after he falls down from a horse).

    The last one Eduardo Danding Cojuanco - this is the reason why Cory can't accept that this are three behind the assassination of his late husband. ( if it happens that Danding was a Aquino and not a Cojuanco, I knew she would never stop until this three spend their lives behind bars)

    add: tama ka hindi reliable ang nakasulat sa libro, I spoke to some persons and they testify that their were two confirmed sibling that have died in the "so-called" blodless people power 1(EDSA uno) after being hit by a tank

    Source(s): One Cutie Dude
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    Imelda Remedios Visitacion Trinidad Romualdez Marcos

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    Things to think about...

    If I am Marcos, will I assasinate Ninoy? Considering the fact that if he was killed then i'll be going down?

    In my own opinion, it wasn't Marcos. Maybe those "other people" who knew that Marcos will be going down if they killed Ninoy.

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    I think it depends

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