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Need Advice, Marijuana, Please Help?

Every time I smoke weed, my mind ends up tripping out. Then after a while I start getting all these depressing thoughts and I become pretty paranoid. I just want to be able to smoke some weed and enjoy it like everybody else!

What do you think could be the problem? Please help, I need good advice/suggestion, thanks!

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    I smoke weed often and love it, but I can tell you that I have one friend who has tried it several times and is in the very same predicament as you. Weed isn't something to force upon yourself but the best thing you can do is put yourself in a stress-free setting.

    I assume if your just trying weed you probably still live at home and are probably pretty young. You might be scared of getting caught?

    The best advice is to give it another try in an environment where you feel completely safe. Maybe if you could sleep over a friend's house so you know your parents wouldn't know?

    Basically, whatever is making you nervous is getting in your way when your high. Figure out what's making you paranoid or nervous and eliminate it. Try that and yous hould have a better time... It may even be that your trying so hard to enjoy it that your making yourself crazy.

    If none of that works, don't worry about it. Its not for everyone. Maybe wait until college or not at all. A viable alternative is alcohol. Knock back a few beers and get a nice buzz perhaps?

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    With the 'tripping' you probably are smoking too much at once, or you need to smoke something that's less potent til you build a better tolerance, just like any other substance. You don't start drinking by polishing of a bottle of Everclear and expect to enjoy it. Or marijuana just isn't your drug. Paranoia is a side effect of marijuana and will be something that you cant always shake off so be in a place you find as safe. You could try ingesting which give you more of a body high then in the head.

    Also not everyone enjoys it, some people hate the effects even if they want to smoke. You should not only do it to fit in. If your friends do it frequently they should respect that you are a lightweight and don't try to keep up with them. It usually takes 15-20mins to feel the full effect so pace yourself if you don't want freak out.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    dear ask-er, In the Netherlands, where i live, marijuana is legal to use. I haven't used it until i was about 19 years tho. Not because i didn't have acces to it, just because i was just as "old fashioned" as you. There's nothing wrong with that. Using marijuana can be fun and as your friend said make you feel more creative. The only problem is: where do you stop. Many great musicians are known to smoke marijuana, even pretty frequently. I don't believe this is just so they stay creative, at that point it's an addiction. Your friend can smoke it for the reasons he states, but he has to keep in mind: Marijuana is addictive. Once you begin with it and start doing it more frequently, it's hard to stop again. I know, because I have a friend who smoked a lot of marijuana. He managed to quit with one try, so called "cold turkey", but i know a lot of different examples with people who still can't quit. If you want my advice (from a person who smokes it about 3 to 4 times a year): Make your friend stop. It may be old fashioned, or even childish, but drugs are bad for you. Your smoking stuff that doesn't belong in your body. If it belonged there, the body would create the ingredients itself. good luck, with kind regards, koogert

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    The problem is that you started smoking weed in the first place. If you don't like it then just stop. I smoke fake cigarettes I make and you get all the pleasure you would from normal cigarettes. I suggest you try it. You can email me at for more information.

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    I guess it must be annoying not being one of the 'cool' kids that can just smoke weed. Has it ever occurred to you that what you are feeling is your body's way of telling you that weed is not healthy?

    What you're know what? Forget it, it wont make a difference.

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    u r not gng 2 b able 2 "just njoy it" i know cuz i used 2 smoke it and made me paranoid a hell, trippy etc it can bring on psychosis and depression, mental health issues my advice, if u want a healthy mind stay away frm the stuff

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    its all in your head, and pot gets you paranoid, one of my stories, long story short, i was super paranoid one time and i swear ever car that passed us looked like a cop, and we were tripping out. even when an f250 truck passed us we got paranoid. **** happens.

    before u smoke just have a good positive attitude.

    if your afraid of being paranoid, you gonna be paranoid.

    if you think u will be, you will be..

    like i said.

    all in your head.

    just smile and toke up

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    Congratz the weed is working for you. If you dont like it stop.

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    Your body doesn't process it well. The reactions you're getting are your body's natural reactions to it. I would recommend just giving it up. It will only get you into trouble anyway.

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