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could i be pregnant i had sex 6 times with my bf and we want to know im 15 and not scared we wont a child?

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    That's what us taxpayers like to hear!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes you could.

    unless somehow you have NEVER had your period. and even then, you could be at risk if you just so happen to have started ovulating right about the time you were having sex.

    if you didn't use condoms, a diaphragm, or you're not on the pill you are probably really likely to be pregnant.

    get a test.

  • Britt
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    1 decade ago

    Well if he's cuming inside of you, you might have a nasty problem on your hands. You might want to go to planned parenthood and get on some birth control or at least start rapping it up! You don't want a kid now, you are way to young!

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    Oh you probably will be....mother nature is cruel like that, letting young, inexperienced teenagers get knocked up when married, mature adults can try for years and still have no joy...

    Don't ruin your life by having a have NO idea what it truly entails! Children shouldn't have children.

    BTW, you SHOULD be scared! Babies are scary, even when you want them!

    Source(s): I'm a mom and TTC#2 for 4 years!
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    f*cking A! Why is the world filled with dumb@$$es like you? You're ruining your life, and your child's life! Also, as soon as you get into high school (if your not there already), people are gonna know your a sl*t. Nobody likes them.

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    if you dont want a child then why are you having unprotected sex im guessing . consieing your askin the q on here?

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    you are too young enjoy your life for a couple more years

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    If it was unprotected obviously honey...That is how you get pregnant.

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