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Eh,Guy Problems! (Please Help..Guys And Girls Welcome)?

Sorry If It's Long..Here it goes

So about 1 or 2 weeks ago I decided to call my guy friend that i've known since 2nd grade (I Have a huge crush on him..and im pretty sure he likes me back) Anyways...It went to the answering machine so I left a msg. 4 days call so I called him agian on the 4th dayleft a msg and....noo answer so just a few days ago I called him to see if someone would pick one picked up so I hung call back yet..My mom thinks he's on should I try and calll him a few days after school starts?

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    Uh wait until school starts, if he's not there then he's away on vacation and you can relax.

    Just relax, you don't want to get too anxious.

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    Relax on the calls, you've already left enough messages and performed enough attempts.

    If he doesn't return your calls or doesn't pick up then he doesn't want to talk and you should stop bugging him. It won't help - so just let it go. If he is on vacation - then just have some patience and he'll get back to you in a little while.

    Continuous calls can be annoying - and really push some people away. So try to calm down and just wait to see what happens.

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    yeah i bet he's on vacation but maybe you could try calling a couple days before school starts but after probably be better,=).

    Good Luck!!!!

    Amber H.

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    Haha, this is not really considered a guy problem. Give him a call again if you want, but call him when it seems most probable that he's at home

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    let him call you.

    you've already done enough callings dear

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