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What would be some good colors for my hair? (pics!)?

-The first 2 pics are some styles I was looking at.

The rest are of me. That's my current & natural color. That brown-blonde weird color.

I have had my hair in that style for a while. Layers and sidebangs, about shoulder-length. That color.

I am sick of it. I think starting highschool calls for some change.


So what do you think?

1. What style? (you can add in your own suggestions if you don't like those)

2. Main color?

3. Streaks, highlights, anything? And what color(s)? [They can't be like bright blue. I can't have too much unnatural color. It's not allowed at school.]

4. Any other comments?

I am 14, and I will be a highschool freshman this year.

Thanks so much!

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    congrats on being a freshman ;D

    i like the second one , but you should grow your hair long with layers and a shortish side fringe + it would look cute.

    hope i help , hun

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    the first picture was really cute as far as style. Keep the blonde, but spice it up with some caramel highlights or something? Ask the hairdresser about it too.

  • lolit
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    1 decade ago

    i think the best one is the natural one.

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