Dont answer this if ur just gonna say ur too young to feel these feelings...?

ive known this guy for two years, he doesnt go to the same school as me,i mer him at a party. i started to crush on him a while latr (a few months) its been two years i cant stop thinking about him at all. when i see him i get butterflies in my stomach. i miss him alot, i just wanna see him. he kept staring at me on fourth of july, nd wen he walked past me he just glanced at me nd i looked back. i sound kinda dumb right now, but hes important to me... any advice?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i kno how u feel. i have the same problem as u do. but i have an idea or 2.

    1. look in the phone book and find his last name and call him

    2. if hes not there goto and type in his last name and select state and ZIP code.

    usually worx

    a kid "Borrowed" a game from me and diddnt return it so i found his last name in the phone book and got it back.

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    Nothing can happen if you are too shy about it. Talk to him, what is the worst that can happen. only bad thing about dating outside your school or living area is the trust factor. As you cant spend as much time together as you would like

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    lawl you dont sound dumb. my brother has this problem but he fixed it which is what u should do. they exanged numbers the same day they met and 2 days later they went out and they r still going out so give him a call get to kno him more and ask him out =]

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    1 decade ago

    what kinda advice do you need?

    talk to him about how you feel

    I don't think he will wait, he probably feel the same but maybe he's shy I don't know... just have some courage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    strike up a conversation with him, and then arrange a date:)

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