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Is it ok to brush your teeth while fasting in the month of Ramadan?

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    Admittedly I am not knowledgeable enough to properly answer your question on my own so for a more genuine answer, an expert Scholar would need to be consulted on this issue of whether it's ok to brush your teeth while fasting in Ramadan. As such, an almost identical question was asked at the following where the Scholar provided a detailed answer on this:




    And Allah knows best

    May Allah provide us with guidance


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    I sure hope so because I don't think the point of Ramadan is to cause tooth decay or for people to avoid you for a month of bad breath. People who can tell the difference between tooth paste and food should not have any problem keeping their teeth clean during Ramadan.

    @ Cool Cat, you are kind of sick to interpret those passages as sexual. Don't you think? You are the one who is fascinated with the idea of being a pedophile or you would not interpret those passages as sexual. A servant and a lover are different things.

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    Salam Yes it is ok to brush our teeth while fasting during the month of ramadan as suggested by Muhammad pbuh in his hadith when we are going to make a wudhu for making prayer (shalat).

    Our intention is to make our teeth clean and do not have a niyyat or intention for drinking the small part of water in brushing.

    Islam and Allah loves cleanliness and cleanliness is part of eeman or faith.Fasting will make us more taqwa and healthier .Our sins will be forgiven by Allah and we will be blessed by Allah while we are fasting.

    During ramadan we will have a night which is better than 1000 months (on lailatul qadar).We can control well our lusts if we are fasting.

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    Yes it is fine with toothpaste and without toothpaste.

    Prophet SAW were used to brush his teeth more in Ramadan than any other month.

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    Not with toothpaste:

    You are to keep your mouth free of all flavor.

    Also, toothpaste activates the silvia and stays in your mouth and everything, so it is preferable not to use it.

    You can rinse you mouth with clean water like during wudu or brush with water (no toothpaste!).

    Try this: before fasting starts, brush with toothpaste and then rinse your mouth to remove all flavor.

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    Yes you can brush your teeth during fasting but precaution must be practice not to swallow anything during brushing.

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    No one fasts for a month all they do is change the hours they eat and drink it is not a big deal and nothing to be excited about.

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    As long as there is no toothpaste and as long as you don't swallow any water. Its best to brush them before fasting begins though.


    You CANNOT use toothpaste as it has a flavour and you would have that flavour in your mouth and be swallowing that taste for some time afterwards.

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    Yes, and don't listen to anyone who wants to make strict rules without any proof. For something to break your fast it has to go past your throat. That means that putting anything in your mouth is ok. Also, getting IV, internal exam, anything like that does not break your fast.

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    Brush them without using paste...I do that.

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