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Plato's Closet????????????

I'm going to plato's closet tomorrow and i was just wondering what you thought about it.

How long does it take for then to look at your clothes? (im bringing in 2 HUGE garbage bags of clothes)

How much money do they usually give you?


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    I've been there a few times and have gotten very little. I heard on the radio and advertisement for them, and the girl was saying "Who needs a summer job when you can sell stuff to Plato's Closet" and I was like "BullSh**!!!" cuz they really don't give you much. But the prices of the clothes they sell are really good, which I guess makes sense if they don't give you much.

    But yeah you really have to make sure these garbage bags of clothes are nice, new clothes, cuz if they have stains or any visible wear on them, then they will not take them.

    I busted my *** a few weeks back cleaning off a bunch of shoes(maybe 60 pairs in 2 huge, heavy plastic containers) and they took none of them. I was so angered. They said they had some wear on them.

    Source(s): I've been here several times.
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    IF you have old fashioned clothes, then dont take it. They are really picky about what they get from you. I would say if the pick more than 5 items you are lucky. They want what just came out a couple of months ago, and most important, brand name clothes. If there is a long line it could be from 20 to 40 minutes wait. Try to take your best only!!! If they notice you dont have anything good in the first bag they will not bother to open the second one. Its happened to me so many times. They want almost brand new clothes so they could sell it as if it were new. good luck!

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    bring good cloths

    They check for how new it looks, what style,they wont take very much and dont give very much money but you can get store credit .you will be lucky to get $100

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