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How can I talk my mom into letting me get snakebites (lip piercings.)?

She thinks they symbolize lesbians that want to have better sexual interations rather than a teenage girl trying to express her individuality.

I have wanted them for a few years now because I think they are really neat.

How can I explain this to her?

I want them for my 15th birthday.


I'm a straight-A 4.0 freshman in all honors classes.

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    When my brother got his lip pierced, my parents let him as long as he didn't wear it around them.

    When he was home, he put in a clear retainer so the hole didn't close up and you couldn't even really tell that he had them.

    Do some research about them; show her that you can handle the responsibility and that you know how to stop them from getting infected. That's how I convinced my mom to let me gauge my ears..

    Good luck! (:

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    Honestly im not saying bad asses should get them but it would look weird on a person with a 4.0 in grade cause people would look at you like what the hell are you changing yourself or something i think a nose piercing might be best but thats just my opinion so😁

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    I don't really see how having snake bites suggests one to be a lesbian...but if I were in your situation and I so desperately wanted them, I'd sit my mom down and explain to her why I wanted them so badly and that they're much more accepted nowadays with the newer generations arising.

    Or just threaten that you're going to self pierce them and get a gnarly infection, that might sway her into letting you get them done safely. (JUST kidding!)


    Source(s): My mom also hates my piercings.
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    I have the same problem. Do some research and ask for your birthday and explain what they are and that if/when you want you can take them out and you'll only wear them when she says okay after they are in for the mandatory time.

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    just keep on begging and begging and begging and begging until she cracks

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    lip piercings are slutty. which is why theyre atractive


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