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how long do movies stay in theatres?

like the ugly truth came out a few weeks ago and i wanna know how long its going to stay

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    Well, when a movie opens depending on how popular it is it has to stay at that theater for 2-4 weeks. After about a week or two of it being released if a theater decides to get it they only have to keep it for a week unless they want it longer.

    Movies usually stick around theaters for probably about 2-4 months depending on how popular the movie is I would say, you can usually find cheap theaters that bring movies in way after their release dates.

    Source(s): Personal Experience from working at a theater in the past
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    How long it stays purely depends on how popular it is, as long as its making money theaters usually keep it around, even to the point where its out on video or on TV and still at the theater. Look at Star wars it was at some theaters for over a year! They even made a special movie poster to celebrate the event! Very rare though.

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    2-3 weeks

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    for about a month. then the dvd usually comes out 6 months after its been in cinemas...

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