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Two thousand twelve conspiracy?

Does anybody believe in all the 2012 crap?

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    If the world were really ending, we wouldn't be given an advanced warning of it.

    Then again, Sarah Palin already announced she's running for president in 2012, so... maybe the Mayans WERE on to something.

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    There are probably a hundred dates in the past when the world was going to end. Don't you remember in 1990 or 92 or something when they were SURE the world was going to end on October something? Didn't the Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventist Church's start with groups that "knew" the last day back in the 19th century? Weren't all those people sitting in churches on December 31, 999 because the "milennium" had arrived and the world was going to end? How stupid are people anyway that they do this over and over and over again?

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    There are several conspiracies that have to do with 2012, I believe it's all fake. Just because some calender is over on a particular day doesn't mean we're all gonna die somehow.

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    yes there is a 2012 conspiracy. same with the fake crysis. many stupid people will buy stuff and the companies can't wait to sell stuff. (selling means tax payment = money for governments = conspiracy. end of world? as in 1999 and 2000...there will be none

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    just because that long count calendar ends doesn't mean anything! the calendar is 15.000 years old,so it should end sometime,no?

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