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Should I get with my ex girlfriend again?

This may be a little long and I apologize, but basically I've bumped into my ex-girlfriend of over a year ago at a party a few days ago. After a while we ended up sitting together and she (being slightly drunk) snuggled with me and we talked about how we're doing, she even asked how my recent relationship had been. I really felt we clicked again, and I didn't realize how much I truly missed her.

(We dated for two years, the reason we had broken up was because I was older, got buiser and we started to lose the amount of time we saw each other, and felt as if our relationship was going no where. She wanted me to focus on my career. She was my best friend and we kept contact with each other for a while until I got a new girlfriend, and after a few weeks my ex confessed her love to me but I had moved on and told her we should stop talking, and I said that to help her move on from me.)

She messaged me on facebook apologizing if she came off a little strong at the party, and since then we've been only talking through messages. We were getting along fine until we wished each other goodnight, and I suggested she message me again sometime. And she says "Sweet dreams! know I hate doing that:/".

She means making the first move towards me, she never was the first do that because she said she always felt more comfortable knowing I wanted to call her, message or text her instead of vice versa. Thing is, I'm not sure if I should chase her again. She's everything I could ever want really, but I just ended the relationship I was in for 6 month with the other girl and I still have feelings for her too, but the I highly doubt we will work things out. She's out of the picture now.

I don't know if I should try talking with my old ex girlfriend again, because I don't know if she's interested in that or if I should forget all about our encounter at the party and move on again. I know she'll probably never message me or try to contact me again, because she's shy and always prefers I making the first move. I care about her a lot and don't know if I should try and make things work again. How do I know if I should?


and yes, I was in love with my old ex girlfriend.

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    Well i think you should ask her how she feels towards you. If you think that there is still chemistry there then just give it a chance because it can never go wrong following your heart! don't regret something that you never did. Just give it a shot!

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    Think twice....

    if it is LOVE then don't doubt it.

    take d chance...and tell HER.

    u will never know 'til u cross d "borders"...:P

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