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have your.....10pts!!!!!!!!!!!

have your sides splitting 中文點解呀?

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  • Yogi
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    其實 sides splitting 和 side-splitting 差不多的!

    side-splitting = extremely funny(極滑稽的)


    For the Love of Mrs Brown tickets, dates. Official ...

    ... have sampled Mrs Brown's trilogy, here is the brand new story with the same great humour and laughter. For one week only you can see this hilarious show that will have your sides splitting! ...

    www.ticketmaster.co.uk/artist/ 955775?list_view=1 - 135k - 網頁紀錄 - 更多此站結果


    hilarious show,它的意思為「非常滑稽的表演」。

    所以我覺得「have your sides splitting」的意思為「弄得你覺得好笑或覺得滑稽」。

    Source(s): Website + me
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