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Please help........10 points to whoever tries the most :)?

An interesting ending to a story about a kidnap??

i'm writing a short story, and so far, i've got a young girl kidnapped and kept in an attic.......the girl has to get back home somehow, but i want an original ending, instead of just saying that she escapes.............help please????

(she can't end up dead and it has to sound realistic)

thanks in advance :)

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    Kidnapped girl in the attic of an creepy guy's house. Some neighborhood kids are up to no good, want to vandalize the guy's house. They break in and find the girl. The creepy guy notices they broke in so they can't just leave. They are scared to go down stares. They have cell phones but are afraid to call the cops because they think they'll get in trouble for vandalizing the house and breaking in; and they're not sure if the girl is kidnapped or just locked in the attic for being bad. They learn to trust each other and work together, because they kidnapper has boarded up the hole they came in and looks like he's going to burn the house down with them inside to get rid of the evidence.

    They finally call the police, but they dont believe them. All their friends are either there or don't believe them. So they "prank" call some people that hate them and dare them to do something about it, and those people come out to start trouble; break in the house and harass the creepy guy. They all escape while this is going on. All the kids finally realize what was really going on and go to the police and get the guy arrested and the girl home.

    And they all lived happily ever after, just "a little" emotionally scarred.

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    The girl isn't really kidnapped, she was hit by a car and has been in a coma ever since; her imagination has created a world that she can't control, then, one day... things start to fade away from her world. Then one day the kidnapper fades, and a bright light seems to follow her around until it drags her in, like a black hole. Then she wakes up to see her family, possible years have passed.


    The girl can't remember her past, and she has been led to believe she has been kidnapped (due to media attention), and although the man (or woman) who kidnapped her isn't abusive or anything, the girl is desperate to get away and find her family. Some how she escapes, only to find out, the man/woman who had supposedly "kidnapped" her, was her father/mother, who had been trying to save her from the person who had kidnapped her beforehand.

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    The parents paid the kidnappers to take the girl for some kind of press scandal. You could have the father running for mayor and he paid the kidnapper so he could get sympathy votes during the election. The girl finds out, barely escapes and gets to the house while his father is giving a speech about the kidnapping. She calls him out and the father is arrested.

    Source(s): edit: *the father pays* the mother had no idea about it.
  • Maybe during the time she was kept in the attic, she was tortured, and eventually found. She could have been traumatized, and taken to a hospital by whoever found her. It could end like it was her telling a psychiatrist in the hospital the story of her kidnapping.

    Source(s): I'm not that creative, so this was all I could think of.
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    you should have another girl get kidnapped as well and then the 2 girls work together to escape.

    i don't know if your character girl is like tied up or locked up, but think of something Macguyver-ish to help them escape :P

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    Some flying a Cessna has engine failure and crashes into attic. She comes down the fire ladder with the pilot.

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