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It wont not next sunday.

They will go to the park.


If it not rain next sunday they willgo to the park.嗎?


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    IF 假設語氣:表示條件, 要看假設的事是未來或過去已發生而有不同的用法:

    例題: 下星期天還沒到,所以是對來的假設, 要用未來式:

    If it not rains next Sunday, they will go to the park.


    例句: If I were in your place, I would not accept such unreasonable terms.此句would 和were都是過去式.


    例句: If I had known your address, I could have called on you. 此句had known是過去完成式的寫法和 could have called 是現在完成式的寫法

    例句: If he had followed the doctor’s advice, he would be better now. 本句had followed 過去完成式,用來表示對過去事實的假設 , would be better 是對現在事實的假設, 不能用過去式 would have been….

    例句: If the sun were to rise in the west, I would not change my mind. 採were to….形式的假設是用在假設的心情較強烈時.

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    If it rains next sunday, we will not go to the park.


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