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How can I teach myself acoustic guitar?

I watch to teach myself acoustic guitar so my question is there any good books? What videos should I watch? Lastly, Where can I learn to read tabs? Thanks. :D

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    I'm a self taught guitarist and I would recommend NOT using the internet at first.

    Go out and get a book and forget tabs and the net until you learn some basic peices from a book.

    If you rely solely on the internet you will learn NOTHING of music theory, or at least very little.

    And without some thoery behind the music you will never truly master the guitar

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    I'm teaching myself to play acoustic.

    They way I'm learning (mostly) is through tabs. As for somewhere to learn to read them, try any good guitar tableture website.

    Get some chords going first. Easiest probably are G, E, A, Am, Em, and D. Start with them. Work your way up.

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    Ernie Ball Learn how to play guitar Vol. 1 was the absolute best guitar book i have ever owned. Its how i started. Good choice going with acoustic first. Harder to push the strings down, better finger strength later on :)

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    Tabs are easy to read Tabs are the lines are horizontal and not vertical so from bottom to top it's Low E,A,D,G,B,High E, the horizontal lines are numbered (frets) good luck

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    You can search youtube and find a ton of beginner guitar videos (ie. "basic chords").

    You can find tab for music at ultimateguitar.com.

    The best book I found was Teach Yourself Visually Guitar, which has TONS of color photos, diagrams, scales, it dabbles in different genres, etc.

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    the easiest way is to learn the Major and Minor Chords, once you learn them, practice moving from chord to chord.. i think thats a good start, and thats how i learn...

    heres this too



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