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how do i know if im less than 11 percent body fat?

im 12 yrs old 160cm and 48 kilos

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    " [ Less than 10% body fat for men - ] When you get to percentages this low you are in great shape. This is where you can start to see abdominal definition (six-pack abs)."


    So if you are less than about 10% body fat you will start to see abs forming. I'm not entirely sure if this is true for children but there ya go, I suppose thats the most effortless way to tell :)

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    get yourself measured at the gym!

    no one can really tell how much body fat you have just by the weight

    a 120 pound person can have much more body fat than say a 200lb body builder.

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    you gotta get your skin fold measurements in 9 spots and calculate an average with your height and weight in order to find bodyfat percentage



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    remember kermit the pimp says not to hump buckets

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