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hearing aid, blue-tooth style to conceal?

I was looking at following on internet for following and was wondering if they are really a viable alternative to the prescribed Hearing aid. I liked the idea that the person can hide the fact that he/she has hearing loss.






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    well i actually saw a comercial abt that earlier 2day and i was wondering myself. i think that it would b a good way 2 hide ur hearing loss. as lond as u dnt already have bluetooth bcuz if u have 2 on both ears that would b kinda silly.! but would it really b better? think abt it the prescibed hearing aid is from ur own doctor and it helps with ur specific problem and evry1 has a different problem & this hearning aid was made by who? and how long ago?.. think abt it.. tlk to ur physcian

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    These are not the same as a hearing aid. Hearing aids can be prescriptively fit based on a hearing loss and programmed differently across all frequencies to match exactly what a person needs based on their hearing loss across all pitches. The devices you list are mere amplifiers and will amplify equally across frequencies. This will result in poor sound quality and potentially being over amplified in regions you do not have hearing loss.

    These are a good start for a person with a mild hearing loss that is not quite ready for a hearing aid, but for a true hearing aid candidate this is a poor choice if you are simply trying to buy something more cosmetically appealing.

    Personally a Bluetooth headset hanging on an ear is less cosmetically appealing than some of the newest and latest hearing aids. If you are looking for something discreet (and that can actually communicate wirelessly to Bluetooth products) I would recommend looking at an open-fit hearing aid or a receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid. For pictures of these check out: http://www.healthyhearing.com/guides/guide-to-hear...

    There are many different types of hearing aids (http://www.healthyhearing.com/questions/37028-type... to choose from. To learn more about a few of the latest hearing aids that are available in more cosmetically appealing styles see the following informative articles:



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