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Aprox how much would it cost for sleeves and a full chest piece by a skilled tattooist?

I am interested in getting both my arms sleeved and a chest piece done. I would like this done in full colour and by a very talented artist. I am wondering what it would cost (Approximately) to have this done. I am willing to spend up to 5 thousand dollers on this. Would this be enough for beuatiful sleeves and a chest piece?


i would also like to ask how long it would take? I live in Ottawa, Canada, and The tattoo shops here are not the greatest, to say the least.. i am willing to travel to get these tattoo's, but getting such a large amount of artwork done must take a few months or even years? seing as the tattoo can not be re-worked on, untill you have fully healed!

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    Start saving up buddy!

    Usually most shops'll charge $150-$200 per hour.

    You wont be able to get all of these done at once!

    You'll have to make regular trips back to the shop.

    If you're willing to spend up to 5000 with a tip, you should be fine.

    I'd get a quote from the artist first.

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    The fact that you are willing to travel is a plus. And you're spending about the right amount of money. Now you have to pick an artist. You should join InkedNation.com and explain your intentions. You need to look at a lot of portfolios.

    Source(s): I'm a professional tattoo artist, 7 yrs.
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    if you are looking for a renowned artist, go to a tattoo convention, always one happening, there you can have it designed etc, and you can find out about local artists, or statewide artists if needed.

    you may even decide who you want there, maybe even meet them and discuss prices there

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