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Why do my puppies eyes tear up, and what can I do to help him?

Ok, so we just got a new puppy the other day. He is tiny a chihuahua, yorkie and something mutt. We love him to pieces. We've had him for a month now, but I notice that he has really watery eyes, and tear stains. What causes this ? What can I do to help him? I take warm water on a cotton ball and clean around his eyes every day. Is this the right thing to do? I've had dogs before (beagles, german shepherd, sharpei pitt mix, and currently a pitt bull mix along with this little guy) but none of them had this problem. Should I take him to the vet or is this normal for little dogs?

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    my little guy (Pomeranian/westie mix) had this problem & when i took him to the vet for his shots & stuff the vet said he probably just allergic to something & we did a few tests and as it turned out my poor little fella is allergic to pollen! basically though there is meds you can get but for the most part it's perfectly ok & you should just clean them up like you have been.

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    It's common in houses with people who smoke. A lot of times dog's are very sensitive to things like that. So if people smoke in the house, kick their ashes (get it? ashes???) outside.

    Also, start taking a closer look at what you're putting in the air. Febreze? Any other aerosoles? Mayb e something you're washing the dog's bedding in, or even your perfume!

    Dog's are like humans, and the eyes are pretty sensitive. Anything could be setting them off.

    Let it be noted that I specialize in larger breed dogs and I have noticed that small dogs' eyes tend to seem teary a lot more often for no reason. You can call a vets office and ask if it's normal and they'll gladly tell you free of charge, and if it's not, they'll tell ya you should probably come in.

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    Some people will feed the dog when dinner is over and they think that's different, but the dog can't tell when it's dinner time and will bug you until you stop dinner and then feed him. So think about the chain of behavior that you're rewarding here. Learn here https://tr.im/zkYaQ

    Contrary to what you're being told here, feeding your dog "people food" is not what's making him beg. I'm a professional trainer and always feed my dog human quality training treats (cut up chicken, cheese, beef, turkey, etc.) and those of us trainers who do this never have a begging problem. Our dogs know that they get "paid" for correct behavior and never from the table. You could feed your dog dogfood from the table and have a begging problem. It isn't *what* you're feeding, but *when* and *where* you feed him that counts.

    If you have a problem with begging, the odds are that you have other problems as well. Consider taking your dog to a basic training class to teach him to obey when you ask him to do something or stop doing something undesirable. Dogs that bark and pester you have learned bad habits-- from you! Going to a training class will help you unlearn those and help you get into better habits.

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    Ask your vet about Angels Eyes for your puppy. Your vet will need to tell you the right dose for your puppy. We use a half dose for our Cavie, and then you cut back to after four months and 6 months depending on the weight of your puppy. You can probably get it cheaper on the internet than at your vets, but you need the vet to tell you how much to use. Our puppies eyes cleared up the next day.

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    Chihuahuas sometimes do this more than other breeds. It decreases usually as they get older. Tear stains are common in most all dogs, the lighter the color of the dog, the more it shows up. They have some stuff called Angels' Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs if you are interested in that.

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    If this was my puppy, I'd have his eyes checked by a vet. Could be a construction problem (entropian)? Maybe mention the problem when he has his first health check/vaccinations.

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    Sometimes changing the food to a higher quality type will help reduce the tear.

    Raw food is good.

    If you prefer kibbles, Taste of the Wild, Wellness Core, Canidae Grain-Free are the ones to get.

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    that happens to a majority of small dogs. i had a chihuahua yorkee and poodle and it happened to all of them. there is this stuff in pet stores and is for tear stains and it works soo good. i forget what its called but it should be in the dog section. but u shouldnt worry its nothing to go to the vet for its perfectly normal.

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