Who's the bigger joke McNabb or Andy Ried or is it both?

Who's really behind the reason for the Eagles allways being horrible and choking is it McNabb Ried or both of their faults. and if they became so much better without TO why haven't they been back to the superbowl

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    1 decade ago
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    They weren't such a big joke to the Cowboys last year, were they?

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    Andy Ried is a good coach, and McNabb is a very good QB

    but, they both are bad for eachother, other wise they'd won a Super Bowl by now.

    TO was right, McNabb choked on that final play, and Ried should have gotton on McNabbs axe

    Look at Dungy in Tampa all those years, then he leaves and Chucky takes the Bucs to the SuperBowl and win.

    Dungy in Indy... all those years and all those losses (1 ring, right)

    Cowher was able to coach the Steelers and Ben R. to multiple rings

    and the New Kid too.

    Ried is the bigger joke, for not benching McNabb when it was needed.

  • 1 decade ago

    It all starts at the top. Jeff Lurie has worked his way down my Ladder of Respect for his pompous attitude and treatment of us Eagles fans. Joe Banner isn't as bad but I still want to stuff that little geek in a restaurant dumpster.

    But its mostly due to Emperor Andy. The Coach is a joke and a choke. He has some sense that the world stops for him. A case in point is how he mismanaged the last minutes of the Super Bowl. A competent coach wouldn't need hours to read his bible-sized play charts to know what he had to do next.

    He has too much to do in the organization. He should remain the coach and perhaps assistant GM because I believe a coach has some say in what players he gets to coach.

    My jury is still out on D-Mac. I always liked #5 and I feel the worst thing that happened to him was the day he signed his first contract with my team. Andy Reid's stubborn refusal to utilize a running game for more than 8% (est) of the time has handcuffed Donovan as much as the hacks Reid has supplied him with in the form of wideouts. I'm one of those who use Terrell Owens as an example of what a world-class receiver can do for an offense.

    Yeah, McNabb gets paid the big dollars to come up big and hasn't delivered us a Super Bowl victory. But if one person deserves the blame, its one Andy Reid for his part as the three-headed monster controlling All That Is Green.

  • thorpe
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    4 years ago

    because of the fact McNabb is the suitable QB on the group. He has the main journey working Andy Reid's offense. enable Kolb take a seat back and learn till McNabb is so previous he can't play anymore (it worked for Steve youthful, did not it?).

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    1 decade ago

    Going to 5 NFC Championship games in 8 years, including a trip to the Super Bowl is hardly a joke. I think the bigger joke is that the Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since 1996.

    And you can't mention the word "choke" without Tony Romo vs. the Seahawks coming to mind.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Andy Reid is a joke but only cuz hes fat. Hes still a great coach and Mcnabb is great QB.

  • 1 decade ago

    McNabb is a choke artist. Pure hype.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think it's both because mcnabb is a choke but andy reid is a big choke to

  • 1 decade ago

    shut the **** up. the eagles have been one of the most productive teams of the decade. it gets really annoying hearing eagles fans degrade a great coach and quarterback because they expect to win the lombardi trophy every year.

  • 1 decade ago

    i dont see andy reid as a joke, i would love to have him as a coach. wanna trade?

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