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do you think i should lock the door on my mom?

ok i'm 17 and several months ago my mom started stress-smoking b/c my little sister is sick. anyways, i've gotten past the point of telling her to stop and getting mad at her when she smokes. but the thing is, she leaves the back door open when she smokes. she used to smoke off in the side-yard but now she sits in a chair a few feet from the door. i tell her every single time she is outside smoking to close the door. and not once has she done it. she apologizes for leaving it open and i do not exaggerate when i say that she NEVER closes it. this annoys me because a) bugs always get into the house that i find flying around my room and bathroom, b) she makes the kitchen smell like smoke, and c) i don't want to get lung cancer from her secondhand smoke. i've been debating for awhile about whether to lock the back door so she will have to go to the annoyance of either banging on the door or walking around front and then hopefully she will learn to close the door instead. i've been warning that i would do this but i haven't yet. she's gotten many warnings though. what do you think i should do?


btw i close the door when she doesn't but i really think that i shouldn't have 2 be the one to do that

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    Normally I would say to lock the door on your mom would be disrespectful but in this case I think it would be a good idea as people in the house don't need to get sick from this.

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