Which of your contacts would you most want to take to your prom?

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    i was a horrible date at prom. i get panic attacks, and that's basically what the whole day was until the boat took off, [prom was on a boat]

    we took pictures and stuff in front of lyra's house, and then a few of us went to the firehouse, because our friend had hooked us up with a firetruck. so we went to go take pictures in front of the firetruck, and my walk-through time was at 6:30, and it was about 6:20 and everyones parents were like "ooh look at how pretty they are, aww," and despite me yelling, no one cared. plus the sun was trying to kill us.

    my date, my friend cody, was just standing innocently behind me as i shouted at everyone.

    but prom was fine, we had a good conversation about what we're doing with our lives... he plans on dying at the age of 25, because he doesn't want to live to see himself get old.

    yeah, i might have driven him crazy.


    so, I would probably take Joshms. He's used to me panicking and shouting at everyone, so he wouldn't go hide in a corner, he'd smack me and tell me I'm acting ridiculous, which is what i would need.

    @lyra: i'm so happy we got one, we're forever immortalized as being the group of kids who showed up to prom in a firetruck.

    but i was seriously panicking.

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    Shelby, that firetruck was fantastic. And the walkthrough worked out in the end :p

    I think I'd want to take Origin. I don't particularly like dances at all (I'm very much like Billet on this one) and I think Origin would make it super fun. Because he's a super-fun kind of guy. I sure hope Origin doesn't think this is awkward.

    @Ris: My friend, I think that is an excellent idea. Shelby and I may even be able to pull a few strings and get some firetrucks :p

    Seriously. We showed up at our prom walkthrough in a firetruck. And then took a limo to the boat for the actual event. It. Was epic.

    @Billet: Well, actually, the fun pretty much stopped there, for me. Like I said, I don't like dances or dancing or big parties. So my friend and I just sat there and talked most of the time. At least Shelby had an interesting date. The best part was that he had his hair majorly spiked up! It was great!

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    Anyone that is willing to withstand the perpetual whining of; "my feet hurt!"

    Billet + heels = blergh.

    Not really. I didn't whinge about my feet *that* much. In the end, I just took off my shoes and left early.

    So, anyone really that opposes proms/formals alike, I would willingly take. We could leave early and make an anti-prom party in the side street and roast marshmallows over a trashcan fire.

    @ MissLimLam: I was SO annoyed about that question being deleted. It was one of my better ones.

    @ Lyra and Shelby: That is epic! You're so lucky.

    And it's twice as cool that it was on a boat.

    Your prom sounded so fun compared to mine!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've never been to a prom, having been home schooled (I know, *gasp* )

    Now I'm far too old, and really have no desire to go to one since I don't like any sort of party where I don't know almost all of the people.

    If I HAD to go though... I'd take Reader and cause gossip and speculation :p She seems like she'd be up for it, and at least we'd be sure to have interesting conversations.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A B&A prom, how fun (without the embarassment I mean).

    I'm not too picky! I'd go with almost any of my contacts as friends as long as they would accept.

    Goldfish, Billet, and D^4 among others.

    I think Billet would make me laugh, Goldfish would be too nice to deny my invitation, and D^4 would be hyper and fun to dance with.

  • 1 decade ago

    Prom? Awkward.

    I would need someone who wouldn't mind my inability to dance, and someone I would be comfortable with. Aly, do you want to go with me as friends? It'll break my heart if you refuse. :)

    B&A, we could pool our money for a limousine! Perhaps a few limousines, actually, considering our number.

    @Lyra: I was going to comment on that. I mean, firetrucks? Seriously? That's awesome.

    We're definitely taking firetrucks and limousines to this prom.

  • Aly
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    1 decade ago

    I'd go with any of my contacts that would accept the invitation, but since Tourterelle asked first I'll go with her.

    Yes, a limousine would be fabulous. My only goal in life is to stick my head out the top of a limo and shout, "I'm king of the world!!!"

  • hafwen
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    1 decade ago

    I'd have great difficulty in deciding between a few of my contacts. It looks like Alberich is already spoken for this time...so it'd be a toss-up between Doc Watson, petr, i. jones and Stefan K...hmmm, how about we simply all go as a group? Doubt we'd get much dancing done, though - methinks we'd all be too busy chin-wagging...

    Hafwen x

    PS. Alberich, would you at least have one dance with me? MissLimLam, you wouldn't mind, would you?

    PPS. Mr. Selick, thank you, I'll happily accept! Awww, now I'm blushing...H x

    PPPS. Thanks, MissLimLam...and in exchange, I'll lend you Mr. Selick for a dance...deal? H x

  • 1 decade ago

    A while ago Billet-Doux asked a contact game question, with this particular question in it.... Since then the question was deleted.... Anyway.

    In this question Alberich said he'd take me....

    Alberich, I accept your invitation!


    Alberich, no I dont mind a cane. Can I name your cane Eduardo, and have him wear a bow tie!?


    Hafwen, I was so tempted to write - "NO, hes all mine," but of course I wouldnt... and yes you can have a dance or two, I dont mind.


    Yay, Mr Sellick...

    Hafwen, we will have to request some random music, and dance like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUe7vYPggns

    Youtube thumbnail

    Its my new goal!

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm particularily fond of my right one. I think I'm more blind in my right eye than my left eye because I can't see as well if just my left one is in.

    If you're making me pick between them..I'll have to go with the right! =]

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