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am I setting myself to get hurt?

Also, as soon as he got back he did some uncalled for things with other way younger girls, like middle schoolers and were in high school. he told me he regretted it.

and him and one of my old friends had a thing for about 2 weeks but she never maintains relationships, and he broke it off with her the day before I saw him.


I went out with this guy last summer. But then he moved and things got complicated, he went out with one of my friends while he was in a different state and then we broke up and haven't talked since (it was an extremely awkward kind of cutesy relationship between us you know?)

hes texted me and called me here and there

and now hes back for the summer and I saw him for the first time last night while I was with a bunch of my friends, as the people started disappearing and going home, it was just me and him and my friend and our other friend, late at night in the park and we hit it off again, my friend said he was flirting with me (I'm blind when guys flirt with me) and that he wouldn't stop staring at me. we talked and talked for hours alone in the park, he asked about who i had gone out with and we talked about lots of things.

what should I do?

I really like him again! =( i dont want to but i do, so much!!!

Update 2:

whoa the sections are backwards, the additional details is the actual thing. weird.

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    I definitely think you are setting yourself up to get hurt. I don't think this guy is worthy of you, I would move on and find someone else.

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