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what do you think about the diss to mariah carey from eminem?

pretty bad @ss huh? lol but mariah carey is sooo effin $exy!!!!! yum

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    Eminem is just stupid trailer trash!.. hes a asshole everyone can see it.. and F*** no Mariah didn't want that ugly shrimp.. who would!?. Mariah made her Obsessed Song much more respectful.. and didn't curse. because she HAS RESPECT for her younger fans!. but is still going to speak her mind!..

    Eminem is a waste of time,. every rap he ever spits out is all lies.. hes a douche and a B*TCH! .. I wish he would try to ruin her Career or try to burn her house down like he said.. he will see what happen eds to him.. that little wanna be .. he will never be as successful as her hes just jealous and is trying to act like he was with Mariah .. cus .. who wouldn't!?.. but he could never pull her A*S.. hes a idiot .. and for Anyone who thinks his Rap was "the Shi*t".. y'all alllllll trippin... i guess you people like fakeness.. hes nothing but a little Pus*SY A*S B*TCH!

    like seriously who talks about a sex life with someone that never happend?!.. and if it did.. who would talk about it?!.. what a loser!.. hes just trynig to seem cool!!.. which he aint.. he needs to take his DumbAs* back to the Trailer and stay there no one needs to hear from his As* hes weak and thinks hes all man-LY and gangsta.. what a idiot!!. hes living far from the truth!.. he needs to have more respect before he gets his ShI*T tore up!.. who the hell trys to Diss a Female!?.. ONLY A B*TCH HIMSELF!>.. good luck with your career Eminem you F*ck*ng B*Tch!!!!!!


    Sorry if i sounded like a B*tch!! but its the TRUTH!!!!!!!! ...


    im sure imma get alot of thumbs down.. i dont give a FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!.. Thanks!.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    in certainty they have been ******* for like 6 months and he mentioned a line approximately it in a song and he or she denied it in an interview asserting he became so gruesome she might might desire to be decrease than the impact of alcohol to **** him.50 cent mentioned in a single of his songs "deny it like mariah" then 50 cent and eminem did a song stated as jimmy crack corn he have been he mentioned "liar like mariah and sick **** you like i ****** her." And he additionally mentioned in yet another song approximately sexing up mariah yet in between the 1st song and her denying it and jimmy crack corn she had married nick cannon then he did bagpipes from Baghdad that became no longer likely meant to be a diss song it became meant to be a humorous tale she then did the song obsessed which she denied became eminem whilst the guy is wearing his trademark gray zip hoodie and he or she says the words "mendacity approximately sexing me up" Nick cannon additionally attacked him on his weblog have been he published a crimson bare photograph of eminem that mentioned i elect to be nick cannon with a butterfly overlaying his areas. I dont comprehend if youve see the dinamite percentbut its that throughout basic terms edited nick cannon ended up taking the percentdown he did additionally say issues such as you in no way even have been given to 2nd base the final element that got here about interior the eminem and mariah beef became i think of overdue 2009 or early 2010 whilst eminem released the song "warning" have been he made claims alongside with "I actual have the comparable tat this is on nicks back" (the mariah one) he additionally claimed to have bare photos of her from whilst they have been ******* now this might have been eminem being tongue and cheek or eminem being eminem yet after that song she or nick cannon in no way responded so it type of feels as though its genuine make you very own desision im merely telling you the info.

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