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I'm a 6th grader that looks kinda dorky with my glasses so do i need contacts and its also about the girls.?

i really need to know if i need contacts becuz i look dork-ish with my glasses

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    your like 13!!! be a kid! have fun stop worrying about girls, your too young dude!! seriously you ahve soooooo much time to grow up and have fun just focus on getting to knwo who you are right now. your looks will come together as you age more, some ppl like glasses on guys, its not all about looks. just be a kid and have fun!!!!!!!!!

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    There are cool looking glasses available. Ask your parents for different frames. Contacts are a pain. Been there done that. I look better with my new glasses. The girls like them too. I had a girlfriend when I was your age and I thought she looked better with her glasses. You will be cool.

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    I think you probably should get contacts because they will make you look a lot more attractive to girls and less dorky. Which is what I think you want, so get the contacts; then get the girls!

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    Switch it up.

    I used to wear contacts all the time when I was in 10th grade... But 11th year, I just wore my glasses.

    Wear your contacts for a while and switch over somedays. I think it's kinda cute when guys wear glasses. :)

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    If you think you look dorky you can try new frames or get contacts. whatever makes your confidence boost.

    do what makes you happy , don't do it because you are afraid of what others think.

    Hope this helped =]

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    personally im going to 8th and im 13. and also i think guys are cuter with glasses but thats me. it just shows that they arent like every one else who wants to be 'cool' and fake. i think i would you just fine with glasses

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    deff contacts, trust me it is a good choice

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