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I am looking at the Dual Dual XHD7714 head unit.?

I read reviews about the company and people say its really bad. Is it really that bad. I want something better than the stock head unit. If its that bad, can anyone suggest any head units under $200 that come with bluetooth?

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    I have this deck and I love it,

    It gave me some troubles at first but now it works like a charm.

    Amazing features for ~130 bucks.

    It did make my whole car sound a bit different, a little bit more bassy then the dime store head unit I had before, which is all well and fine, if it weren't for the fact that the tweeter in my right front speaker is blown now -.-, but that's not the decks fault (30 dollar set of speakers Lol)

    Dual decks are decent, I know a lot of people with them.

    Dual speakers are a whole different story though, they are trash.

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