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Can someone help me find clothes that fit?

I need to find a place where I can find clothes for someone my size. I'm only 5 ft 1 in and i'm also kind of chubby. I'm not overweight, but i'm not skinny either. I don't like going shopping because i always look bad in everything i try on. I would just really like to find a store that i can get clothes that aren't so small they show off every flaw i have but i also don't want clothes that are so big they fall off. I also want them to kind of be stylish, so i dont look stupid. I need help!

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    i have the same problem and the only store i can really shop at is jcpenney. sounds weird but also kohls. they both have variety and jcpenney would be best. (arizona jean co.)

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    Loose fitting clothes.

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