How can I stay positive?

I am losing hope for humanity. My phone and wallet were stolen from my work by some punk kid, a friend of mine was sexually assaulted today, I work for a used record store so people are continuously bringing stolen stuff in to sell to me, and now I am having a hard time paying my rent working a minimum wage job. On top of all that, with all that is going on in today's economy, I am starting to find it hard to not just give up all hope. I'm a christian girl, but I'd be lying if I said my faith wasn't crippling just a little bit.

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    You don't always have to stay positive. The world isn't a positive place, so if you insist on pretending everything is sunny, that facade is eventually going to crack.

    React to your situation. Be real about your emotions. Be real with God. Know that He loves you. I won't say things will get better. They might not. You are a vessel of God's love though, and that isn't going to change no matter what comes.

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    with each gain comes a price, if your having it bad then figure out what prevents you from making it better then work on it, if it'a a minemum wage job then sharpen your skills at a more proper job as you send aplications and if you get your new job you quit the one you have now afterwards (make shure you keep the job you have now till then) but untill then work 3 times as hard and work longer even if you don't get paid (80% of the time the boss gets impressed if you work overtime of your free will for free witch might put you in a better positain)

    now that your wallet was stolen you know that peopul think your monney is in your walet so keep your monney somewair els outside your wallet from now on but still keep a walet with play-monney in it now even if it gets stolen you still got all your monney your avitar is femail so i asume your a women so the inside of your bra is a good place to hide monney but for a guy they should hide it in thair shoes,

    if your conserned about the safty of your frainds then work out and watch a tv show called "shinji" (it's an animated sires about a wimpy kid with no mucal being taught how to fight people 3 times his size by exspert fighters) or join a marsal arts clube,

    what is obbtained in life is determend by work no matter how you look at it, if the work you do isin't enofe then work more- hell, i'm ganna get kicked out of my house and end up homeless in a few weaks and if you feel like you'll die from all this work trust me when i say you won't cuzz you might be suprized at what you can live throw - hell, you could have your brains blown out and your heart missing and you could still be alive (i'm not joking on that either)

    when you work hard it always pays off but only with an equil amount of efort and if what you gain from your hard work isin't what you wanted then that means your work wasin't equivlent to what you want

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    The problem with religion is, nobody has time to seek refuge from it. We're all too busy just trying to survive.

    You have strength in yourself and you will find it. You don't have to be positive all the time, just balanced. Don't let the miserable people of the world ruin your shot at happiness. Just brush it all off and focus on what makes you happy.

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    the best solution for me is always to read the Bible. some of the prophecies in places like Isaiah and Jeremiah can get pretty doomy and gloomy and stay that way for may pages, so I'm careful that I look for things that are going to help me when I need it.

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    Give thanks for your redemption draweth neigh.

    When I see the new world order working to detroy I look up because it means that the prophecies on Daniel and Revelation are true and we have a blessed hope.

    Our suffering is nothing in comparison to the glorious future we as christians have.

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    the enemy is trying so hard to get to you because he knows you are walking besides jesus,

    (Wait for the Lord's help. Be strong and brave and wait for the Lord's help. Psalm 27:14),

    Please do not give up, jesus will never give up on you.

    (You must choose for yourselves to day. You must decide whom you will serve..... As for my and my family, we sill serve the lord.(Joshua) 24:15)

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    I am sorry to offer what seems to be the silliest suggestion here: learn the way of BUDDHIST life.

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    it could be worse. In some countries children bath in raw sewage and have no food to eat. At least you have the option of improving your condition.

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    It'll get better, don't worry ;) you're just going through a tough time.

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