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I'm going to cali in a month and i was wondering if it was a good idea to go to the tanners first?

going to LA then San Fran, for a whole week. i was just wondering if i should tan first or when i get there. i heard that Californian sun is way different and that if i do go to the tanners i will get sunburned more easily.

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    jesus woman...dont tan.

    Love your skin for what it is and stop killing that sh*t

    Im sure you've heard the cancer warnings and seen the premature wrinkles on young women before

    kinda like smokers who have seen tar on lungs and still it wont happen to will happen because your body aint no different than any other body...its not ment for that crap.

    The best thing you can do is go out there where the sun is shining and everyday walk around with NO SUNSCREEN FOR 15 MINUTES...then put sunscreen on and enjoy your day...dont sit out in the sun and let your skin bake like that and NEVER go to a tanning salon...its like arsonic to your skin

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    No. Tanning, whether by tanning bed or the sun, will lead to skin cancer not to mention you'll be wrinkled before 30. Seriously, my sis in law worships the sun, and now she has deep crows feet at only 24. Just wear a good sunscreen everyday while in California, and if you want a tan, go with a self-tanner. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

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    I live in Cali and i say tan when you get here. California sun is not different, same sun lol. Maybe not in San Fran but LA give it a shot, and trust me, its better to get a natural tan then a tanning salon one

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    Yes! I actually just got back from cali today! While I was there everyone I was with burned. Even after being outside for an hour, we were getting pretty red. If you tan first, your skin will be prepared for that and wont burn as easily. But wear sunscreen! I never wear it, but I did in cali and it saved me from my skin peeling even worse than it is!

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    dont worry about it! i live here in la =) and honestly the suns not that different its just better weather. and if you want to, check out venice or santa monica beach for tanning =), srry about our dirty beaches though =[ Have a good time!

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    AH! your gonna love it here! lol

    but umm i think you should just wear lots of sunblock and tanning oil

    cause it is starting to cool down.

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