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Who really Owns your pet?

in the city of phoenix state of arizona how does the legal system decided who owns a pet? is it by who the animal is license or is it by who paid for the animal? what if they is no proof of who paid for it? any help or any information where i can find the help would save me on sleepless nights

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    If there is no proof on who actually paid for him, then vet records showing who they have him registered to may be sufficient. It could establish the primary caregiver of the pet.

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    I don't know for sure about what the legal standing is. However, when you get a dog, unless you adopt it as a stray, you usually have to sign some sort of paperwork and where ever you got the dog from would probably have a record of it. It might take a good deal of tracking down but if you absolutely had to you could probably find it. Though again, I don't know what the legality of it all is; if it's based off of who bought/adopted the dog or who the dog is registered to or what.

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    Most legal references would go to the registration and licensing paperwork.

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