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Typical make-up quesiton?

alright, so i'm starting school soon, and this is what i wore last year

moisturizer, foundation (or powder) highlighter concealer, two eyeliners, (i would put revlon colorstay and hen this black powder stuff to make it stay on longer) and mascara.

and i mean i got complitmented on how "pretty" i looked but eh i'm tired of getting so dazzled up for school.

i want to look naturally beautiful. and just enhance my features but still want people to be like "oh wow look at her"

oh, and then i dont really want to wear foundatiod/powder/highlighter/concealer because during the day i wash my face at school and it looks all nasty and i have to pat my face dry with these rough napkins and i think thats why i have so many clogged pores :/ even though i wash my face TWICE when ig et back home.

and then i want to concela my undereye circles but ugh it looks so cakey and nasty when all i put on is this almay concealer.

basically, long story short. i need a new make up theory that'll make me look fresh, gorgeous, and not so done up, and good for my skin

thankss <3

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    Well I have no idea what your skin is like or eye colour or anything... Buts here's what I do in the morning...

    Concelear under the eyes, light eye liner (somtimes) now I used eyelights by cargo, it like a eye shadow for the corner of your eye, makes you look fresh... And mascara.

    For you wanting to look natural, skip the foundation or powder, and go for very little eyeliner... It is unatural... and just a light mascara and possibly a neutral eye shadow.

    Also for when your skin I use this awsome product called the 'acne managment system' (won the 2008 spa awards or something) works AMAZING!!! Foundation clogs your pores really badly, the less stuff on your face the better.

    Well hope that helped a bit

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    hey girl! i totally get what your saying! im going into 9th grade, so i try to keep my makeup simple, quick, and pretty! If you want to conceal under eye circles, use concealer and no other face makeup. if you find your almay concealer is cakey, try a new one! get a few cheap drugstore concealers and see which one looks good on you! if you are self conscious about your skin, but dont want to use a full coverage foundation, i would try a powder foundation, like Tru Blend powder. Its light, and wont clog your pores. Mascara is a must for me, so i reccomend you get some. Use only one or two coats so it wont be super dramatic, and i would reccomend not getting a black mascara, but instead getting a brown or brown-black mascara, because it will look much more natural. i'd use an eyeliner, maybe brown to be less dramatic, and do NOT apply heavily, a little can go a long way and make your eyes pop. if you want to add a little healthy glow to your face, i'd reccomend a pink blush like sweet william from MAC. and then add a tinted lip balm and you have a natural look!


    -powder(only if you think you REALLY need it, if not..lay off it)

    -brown mascara

    -thin line of brown liner

    -pink blush (optional)

    -lip balm.

    it should take you more then 5 minutes! quick, easy and beautiful:) i hope this helped

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    First I would only wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning, and before you go to bed to get your makeup off. To get your makeup off I would use Purity by Philosophy (It's at Sephora) And in the morning use a morning burst facial wash. For a more fresh look use just a tinted moisturizer. This will moisturize your face and give your a little bit of coverage. To ease up on the eye make up I would use a shimmery golden eyeshadow around your eye with mascara or a golden colored eyeliner with mascara. This will make you look awake and fresh without making you look too done up or dramatic. Add some light lip gloss or lip balm, and you'll be ready to go!

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    For dark under eyes there are a few things you could try:

    1. Just use foundation under eyes. Use a yellow toned foundation to counteract the blue tones in your skin.

    2. Vitamin K is helpful in removing dark under eyes. Combining vitamin K and vitamin A is even better.

    3. Using cool tea bags under eyes. The acid in the tea will work to reduce darkness.

    The key to natural beauty is beautiful skin but you shouldn't use too many products on it! Even products that are supposed to make your skin nice, if used too often or too much, will cause your skin to get irritated causing redness, clogged pores, and break outs. Opt for washing your face once in the morning (to remove any sweat that's gotten into your skin while you slept) and once before bed(to remove makeup, dirt, etc). You could also use a citrus mask once a week to keep skin smooth. They sell at walmart for about $5. Use a tinted moisturizer in the morning to add a bit of a healthy glow. If you still want to wear stuff on your face I'd suggest switching to BareMinerals.

    Open your eyes by curling your lashes and using a brown mascara with a thick round brush. Maybe even add a tiny bit of white eyeliner to enhance the whites of your eyes, making them appear larger.

    Pink chap stick.

    All done!


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    im only 13

    so um here it goes:

    .only wash ur face in the morning and at night

    .don't take off ur makeup at school!

    .when i go to school i have freckles so i wear foundation, and a light pink blush

    then i put on eyeliner,mascara,and a light brown eyeshadow

    & that's all i need!

    so good luck!

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    well, you can get away with less and look better if you are willing to spend the money. You can buy great makeup from the mall, like Dillards, or Mary Kay has great make up. I never NEVER like cheap makeup you can buy from Walmart or Walgreens. Plus, you can usually try the makeup on at the store when you buy from the mall or Mary Kay so you know you are not wasting a bunch of money.

  • try everyday minerals i use the stuff but sometimes it doesnt really last long

    but good thing is if you get the original glo

    your skin will look stunning

    theres different formulas of the foundations too but they look cakey i think.

    its really natural looking and i would get alot of compliments


    click on make-up then click base

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    *brown eyeliner

    *pink blush

    its all you need

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