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YUGIOH DECK HELP: kind of elemental evil AND neos deck mixed, lmfao?

elemental heros: 13

blade edge













evil: 3

malicious edge

infernal prodigy

infernal gainer

neo spacians: 5

hummingbird (chrysalis chicky)

grand mole (mole)

dark panther (pantail)

flare scarab (larva)

aqua dolphin (dolphin)

others:-------------- DONT

neos wiseman--------- REALLY

yubel ---------------- NEED

yubel 2----------------

yubel 3-----------------

magic: 19

skyscraper 1


pot of avarice


monster reborn

neo space

terra forming

dark fusion x2

dark calling

E- emergency call

O- oversoul

heros bond

reinforcement of the army

mystical space typhoon

dark factory of mass production


swords of revealing light


Traps: 13

Hate Buster

Magic Drain

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow

sakuretsu armor

sevent tools of the bandit

shadow spell

heros rule 2

hero barrier

dust tornado

return from different dimension

enchanted javelin

Bottomless traphole




infernal sniper


lightning golem

malicious fiend

Wild Cyclone

storm neos***

grand neos

i really dont know if it's well balanced.

and i knoe im over the limit, but i just need suggestions on wat to put it...take out. stuff like that.

do i need more monsters? or yeahh

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    go with either e heros, evil heros or neos. never mix them, u dont a hand like dark poly, neos, poly, oversoul, and hero avian. it just wont work.

    i have a neos deck. its built very simular to team crucial's neos deck but with "less" meta

    monsters - 18

    3 neos

    2 neos alius

    2 prisma

    2 necroshade

    2 neospace pathfinder

    1 mole

    1 humming

    1 scarab

    1 moss

    1 panther

    1 dolphin

    1 stratos

    spell- 16

    3 neospace

    2 instant neospace (lol)

    1 reborn

    1 mystic space typhoon

    1 heavy storm

    2 fake hero

    2 oversoul

    1 R-justice

    2 E-call

    1 reinforcements of army

    trap 6

    1 magic jammer (lol)

    2 hero counter attack

    2 hero blast

    1 torrential tribute


    1 necroid shaman

    1 marine dolphin

    1 of each neos fusion except divine (magma was the hardest to get)

    or u can run an e hero deck. this is my friend's build

    monsters 20

    2 bladeedge

    2 necroshade

    3 prisma

    2 ocean

    2 woodsman

    3 sparkman

    1 stratos

    3 king of swamp

    2 wildedge

    spell 15

    1 reborn

    1 mystical space typhoon

    1 heavy storm

    1 future fusion

    1 swords of revealing light

    3 E-call

    2 R-justice

    3 poly

    2 miracle fusion

    trap 5

    1 mirror force

    1 torrential tribute

    2 hero barrier

    1 solemn judgement


    2 necro shaman

    2 plasma vice

    2 wildedge

    2 darkbright

    2 terrafirma

    2 shining flare wingman

    1 wild wingman

    i have his evil hero deck build tho so sorry. but hey...just stick with only one theme. its possible to modify this ehero deck to an evil hero. but i still prefer neos.

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    Judai was right, perhaps try focusing around one theme. I'd suggest the e.heroes. They have a lot more fusions and field spells, and the deck would flow a lot better. And sorry, but raigeki's banned at the moment. Perhaps consider getting lightning vortex or raigeki break instead. So take out the spacians, chrysalis', yubels, and evil heroes, add some more e.heroes like airman (maybe 2) and bubbleman, add another bladedge, wildheart, sparkman, and clayman, and maybe even wroughtweiler, and sangan and king of the swamp (important). And also the fusions are important.

    Also, get some polymerisations and the field spell fusion gate, rather than neos or instant neos space. Adding terraforming was a good choice, I love that card.

    That's about it, consider getting the e.heroes rather than 3 themes, it's hard to keep the deck slightly above 40 at the most, and it wouldn't flow very well, although good job for the effort.

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    With Elemental Heroes, Its a lot easier to focus on one set.

    Id go for Evil heroes as they have a lot of potential, and their effects are good.

    Cards to include: Evil heroes x3 each (apart from fusions), Valkyrion the magna Warrior, Granmarg the rock monarch

    Source(s): Over 5 years of playing.
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    This deck is crazy/lame. You really just need to decide one type of Hero deck.

    1.Elemental Hero Fusion Deck

    2.Evil Hero Fusion Deck

    3.Elemental Hero Neos Deck

    it only has to be one! you cant mix them, it's a complete failure, atm im making a Evil Hero Deck. and im going to get back my Elemental Hero Deck from my friend. :D

    sooo oook then, i sudjest only pick one, you really can't mix em , that's a total failure. sooo peace and good luck in your future deck building and duels!

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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    i would just try my best to limit my deck to 40 cards.

    (not including the fusions)

    i dont know much about the "evil hero" cards,

    but just make sure you have-

    -20 monster cards

    -10 spell

    -10 trap

    make sure your spell cards and trap cards are compatible with pretty much any monster.

    also not too many tribute monsters.

    lots of good effect mosters are good to have too.

    remember, the less cards your deck has, the better are your odds of drawing the right card.

    Source(s): i own a pretty beast deck....lol
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    neo and d heroes dont mix with e heros

    just go with evil hero fusion that list elemental heros as material like i did

    eg: flame wing man and inferno wing should be in the same fusion deck

  • sounds like u need a level 18 black dragon of death augmented with +2 thunderclaws

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    who still plays wth yugayho cards

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