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What is having crohn's disease like?

does anyone out there have it or know someone who does? what is it like, does it come and go? and how is it treated? Thanks

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    I have ulcerative colitis which is similar to crohns but instead of affecting the entire intestinal wall it only affects the inner lining called the mucosa. I have been on asacol for over 6 years with many flare ups. Usually when a flare up hits you have gas, pain in your abdomen, cramping, bloody stool, mucous in your stool and you are in the bathroom most of the time! Most of us take anti inflammatory drugs (such as asacol) I have been diagnosed with a mild case of it...I can't imagine it any worse than it is! Even though it seems like hell, you can still live a normal productive life with meds and possibly diet changes. :) Hope this helps. If you have any questions or just need someone to listen to you, I have my email posted here and you are more than welcome to write me.

    Source(s): living with an inflammatory bowel disease
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    I think it causes terribly intense stomach pains. But I'm not 100% sure. Like the person above me said, good or wikipedia it. Or better yet, go to and do a search for it there.

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    my dad and uncle have it, its horrible. very painfull. there is no cure for it.

    I dont know much about it though, just google it, and youl find what you are looking for

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