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if u didn't start your period should u be scared and how old are you supposed to be?

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    Girls usually start their periods at the ages 9-16

    So I guess that can be normal

    But most girls that I know started theirs like at the ages of 11-13

    I got mine when I was 12

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    Don't be scared at all. If you are a female, you will eventually get a period! It's part of your body and how it functions. Not only that, you will live with it for many years wishing you wouldn't have one, so be grateful now! There's not a certain age that your supposed to be to get it, everyones different. It's whenever your body is ready. Normally anywhere from 10-16. If your 15-16 and still havent got one and are concerned go to your doctor to make sure everythings ok.

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    usually you get your period at ages 10-16 its late but its true some can get it early like 9!!! It also depends on how hard you're hitting puberty , if you are getting pimples and zits it is a sign of puberty. Also when you are developing your breast's...

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    i was 16, almost 17 when i started. its normal. unless youre almost 18 and never started in which id ask a gyno but otherwise just wait..the latere the better. cause periods

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    if u haven't stared yet...don't worry every girl has to start sometime....most girls get their first period from around 9-16.....i got mine when i was 13.....and it also depends on how active u are....cause most gymnasts get their period late and im talking around 16....but it also depends on ur hormones and of course puberty!! haha.....but don't worry cherish the time that u don't have it....cause when u do get it...u'll want it to go away hope i helped!!

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    If you didn't start your period by 16 you need to see a docter.

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